#5:  Footy (Aussie Rules)




An unknown sport to any of those who have never been to the land down under, Footy makes a strong placement at number 5.  A seeming mixture of Soccer, Football, Rugby, and Cross country, this sport really knows how to test a person.  The cardio endurance, occasional fights, tackles, and lack of padding earn footy its rightful place on our countdown.  I suggest you watch a game if you have never had any exposure to the sport.  You may find it to be quite interesting.  GO GEELONG!


Strength/Power:  5   


Intensity: 4   


Speed/Quickness: 6


Endurance: 9


Total:  24








#4:  Rugby



With almost no recognition among American culture when compared to American football, rugby seems to host some of the heavyweight athletes in its arsenal as well.  This sport holds a more solid popularity among countries such as Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Italy, and many more across Europe and Polynesia and scores solid marks all across the board.  Combining the size, athleticism, contact, nonstop pace, big hits, and lack of padding, rugby scrums it way into the number 3 spot on our countdown.


Strength/Power: 7


Intensity: 7


Speed/Quickness: 7


Endurance: 8


Total: 29






#3:  American Football (NFL)




Seemingly the most intense sport provided solely by the American culture (and ignored by the rest of the world), football makes its way into the number 4 spot.  Combining second to none intensity, full sprint collisions, blindside hits, and athletes the size of giants, playing football is not for the faint hearted.  If it was not for the frequent stoppage between plays and the full-fledged head to toe padding, this sport would probably rank higher in our countdown.


Strength/Power: 7


Intensity: 10


Speed/Quickness: 8 (line brings this number down)


Endurance: 5 (frequent stoppages)


Total: 30








#2:  Hockey




A sport just as well-known as any other, hockey makes its way into the number two spot.  There is just something about navigating through a defense that wants nothing more than to rip your head off at speeds faster than a sprint.  Trying to place a small puck inside a guarded net using nothing but a stick all while balancing on a 3/8” blade on ground covered with smoothed out ice.  Seriously, look at some of those guys.  The smile from a player missing his two front teeth will say it all much better than I can.  

 Not to mention the frequent fights that are actually allowed to continue once started.

Strength/Power:  6


Intensity: 9


Speed/Quickness: 8




Total: 31






#1:  Combat sports




These sports had to be grouped together.  If they werent, they would make up their own top ten list.  Some of which include MMA, American kickboxing, boxing, muay thai, combat sambo, and several other forms of combat sport.  There is no sport tougher than the act of fighting.  No exercise is greater than trying to control another trained human being that doesn’t want to be controlled.  Unlike most sports, there are no time outs and no injury breaks.  Once the round starts, it’s on.  If you are stupid enough to try and take a rest, you have trained fighter swarming in on your every move.  

  While the only benefit to these sports is that you are usually matched among your own weight class, there is no feeling worse than getting punched and kicked in the head and body while feeling so fatigued that you don’t even want to move.  These sports take a special breed, and that’s why combat sports have rightfully earned their spot as the number 1 toughest sports out there.


Strength/Power: 8


Intensity: 10


Speed/Quickness: 9


Endurance: 10


Total: 37





Honorable Mention:

Bull Riding

Toughest sports out thereCredit:



At least ann honorable mention to the sport of bull riding is necessary.  A sport difficult to categorize due to our criteria, it lies in a category of its own.  Imagine climbing onto the back of a raging bull and making an attempt to literally conquor beast.  Even though the ride may only last a few seconds, bull riding ranks an 11 in the intensity category.