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The great thing about buying toys for toddlers is that you do not have to purchase a lot of gifts or spend a lot of money at the toy store in order for them to have a great Christmas or birthday. Young children ages 6 months to 36 months will love all the excitement of the occasion, including the wrapping paper, the boxes and a few new, cheap gifts. Therefore, relax and enjoy these holidays while your children are young, and don't worry about ruining your budget with tons of gifts. Three or four presents will thrill most toddlers.


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There are many places where you can pick up gifts for toddlers, including Walmart, Target, and ToysRUs. You can even order them online from the websites for those companies, or from You do not have to go to an expensive toy shop in order to delight your toddler. Here are some simple suggestions for gifts that the toddlers in your life will love, and these toys won't ruin your budget with their high cost! When you see the name of a product in "quotation marks" you'll know this is the specific name you can search for on Amazon and the other websites, or the product name you can ask for at the toy store.

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Toddlers Love Blocks

Blocks have been around for decades and remain a popular toy for toddlers. You may even be able to avoid the fancy toy shops and find some great ones in a thrift store or at a garage sale. If you do decide to buy new ones, there are some very inexpensive collections available, such as the "Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks." These blocks come in bright colors and different shapes and have their own storage container with holes in the lid that fit the differently shaped blocks. This set helps young children learn their colors and shapes, and help them develop manual dexterity by learning how to fit the blocks into the proper holes. It will keep a young child busy for hours!

A similar block collection is called "Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube". It also has brightly colored blocks of different shapes that fit into the proper holes in a cube.

Toddlers Love Playing with Toy Animals

Instinctively, most parents realize that their children love playing with toy animals. A stuffed bear is often one of the first gifts that babies receive. Playing with little toy animals is a great way for children to develop their imaginations and begin to learn about the different animals that exist in the world. Again, you can probably pick up lots of little animals for their African or farm animal collection at a thrift store or a garage sale. Another cute collection you can buy is the adorable "Manhattan Toy Counting and Sorting Farm." This farm is made up of little canisters containing small figures of cows, sheep, chickens and pigs. This toy is designed to help children recognize different animals, as well as learn how to count!

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Let Your Toddler Make Music

You may want to cover your ears for this gift suggestion, but you probably already know that toddlers love to make noise ... I mean music! If you can stand it, you can really delight them by giving them a way to create their own music. This is also a wonderful age to help them begin a lifelong enjoyment of music, and that could cause them to want to learn to play real instruments as they get older. Learning how to play music also seems to be related to better math skills in older children. Why not get started early? The "Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano" is a colorful and very inexpensive keyboard that allows a young child to compose and play their own songs. Before you know it, they'll be making up their own words to go along with those songs, too!

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Give Them Tools to Bang With

Little kids love to bang on things, and your pots may already have a few dents to show for it. Why not teach them how to use a hammer, and have some enthusiastic, unrestrained fun? The "Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower" provides a wooden tower with holes on top, a hammer and four wooden balls that just barely fit into those holes. The balls will not fall through on their own. However, when your child gives them a few good, hard whacks with the hammer, the balls will pop right through, and roll down the ramp in the tower. Kids will love it, and it is a great way to teach them the correct use of a hammer, too! 

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Transportation Toys Fascinate Toddlers

Children love toy cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, fire engines, and any other type of transportation toy you can think of. They love the idea of running around the room flying their planes, or crashing their cars off little cliffs in the back yard. Gather up all the toddler appropriate toy vehicles you can find, put them in one big box, and you will have one happy child! One company that has created a nice selection of toddler safe transportation toys is Fisher-Price. Their toys are so durable, that many families have passed old Fisher-Price toys down to younger siblings and cousins for years. Consequently, you have an excellent chance of buying some items that are pre-owned. One delightful toy you may want to include in your child's collection is the "Fisher-Price Little People Lil' Movers Airplane." This durable little plane has a cute face painted on the front, doors that open, and seats inside for the little people that come with it.

The same company also sells the "Fisher-Price Little People Lil' Movers School Bus" and the "Fisher-Price Little People Racin'Ramps Garage," as well as many similar toys. All of them are sure to please the toddler in your life!

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Use Caution in Buying Toys for Toddlers

Whether you buy your toys new or pre-owned, be cautious when you make your selection. Choking is a serious hazard for toddlers, and you want to make sure the toys you choose do not pose a choking hazard. Be certain that none of your gifts have small parts that become detached. In addition, check the labels or the websites for the companies to make sure that the gifts are age appropriate. Toddlers tend to put everything possible in their mouths. Therefore, you not only want to be certain that they can't choke on any parts, but also that the toys are easy to keep clean by wiping them off with a mild soap and water solution. This is particularly true if you buy any of the toys from a thrift store or a garage sale.

Have fun buying toys for your toddlers, and remember to keep your purchases low-key and cheap! Your toddler will not know if you bought all their gifts for $10 at a thrift store, or for $100 at a fancy toy shop. Save your money, and put the extra in their college fund. With all these educational toys, you'll need it!

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