Be Thankful For Tradition

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year and, for many families, a time of celebrating some great Thanksgiving traditions. Here are the top 5 Thanksgiving traditions that you may be enjoying on your holiday weekend.

Turkey Dinner

I don't know how the traditional turkey dinner became so popular, but lets all be glad that it did. There is no icon that screams "Thanksgiving" quite as much as the turkey. Turkey is a real treat and completes your dinner, but the real treat is before and after the meal.

Turkey is a Great Thanksgiving TraditionBefore dinner the house will slowly start to smell like turkey, just tempting you to come into the kitchen. After the main meal you will have turkey leftovers for days. Now you can look forward to turkey sandwiches and turkey ala king. Yum.

Pumpkin Pie

It's not that Thanksgiving should be all about food, but a pumpkin pie is the perfect ending for a great Thanksgiving meal. Most people will bake or buy a pumpkin pie only one time per year, and that time is Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin pie is the perfect way to cleanse the pallet after a  tasty meal of turkey and other fixings. And how do you top your slice of pumpkin pie? With whipped topping, of course.


As traditional as turkey and pumpkin pie are for the meal, the Thanksgiving day football games are just as popular. Not that you need and excuse to go sit in a chair after a good holiday meal, but the football game is the perfect reason to adjourn into the family room.

If your team is in the game you might even burn off a few calories cheering for them. Who knows?

Football is a Great Thanksgiving Tradition


Now that the meal is done and you are getting cozy in your chair, the most relaxing of all holiday traditions is about to occur. It's the Thanksgiving nap.

Combine your full belly with the background noise of the football game, and you have a perfect recipe for a nice afternoon slumber. Just don't forget to act like you saw that amazing play in the 3rd quarter when the game winds down.


You may have to wait a day, but shopping after Thanksgiving has to make the list. On the next day you are back on your feet and ready to go, and the Black Friday deals are out there waiting for you.

What better way to burn off those Thanksgiving calories with a dash through the mall to find the perfect gift for that special someone on your list. Shopping is indeed a Thanksgiving tradition.


These are the top 5 traditions for Thanksgiving and, if repeated, will be forever celebrated by your family. They work very well as a package deal and in the order presented. Have a great Thanksgiving full of tradition this year.