Top 5 Transgender Characters in Gaming

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     Transgender people have become more visible in movies and television. Having trans people in games can go a long way to helping our society to accept people who are otherwise treated marginally. Here are the top 5 transgender characters in video games, each doing their part to fight the good fight!

5 Poison - Final Fight/ Street Fighter series:

     She is officially described a post-op transgendered woman, except in Japan. Where, according to the designers she simply tucks her business away to become female. She is very well known as one of the members of the group called “Mad Gear” Its quite likely her name was inspired by the glam-metal band Poison in the 1980's. They were well known for their effeminate dress and make up.

 4 Bridget - Guilty Gear series

      Bridget shows incredible determination when it comes to proving his manhood in Guilty Gear XX. This confident trans-man prefers to correct people, and does it often, when they mistake him as a girl. Sadly in the game, they don’t take him very seriously and regard him as just an annoyance and not much of a threat. This may be attributed to his feminine figure and long blonde hair. He also wears the outfit of a nun.

 3 Naota Shirogane/Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 4

      In Persona 4 the gender of the young detective Naoto remains a mystery at first and is very androgynous in appearance. But you eventually find out this girl dresses as a boy(shin) to gain the trust of the police during the game-play. However. if you go down the romantic route with her, Naoto asks if you prefer her with a low or high voice indicating which way you want her to be, more masculine or more feminine. She is called the “detective prince” by the media in the game.

 2 Kainé - Nier

      Kaine is a female-bodied character with male genitalia. According to the mythology of Nier, she became a hermaphrodite after being possessed by a demon. Kaine's attitude is very manly but she still emphasizes her female qualities through a zippy fashion style however lacking in material it may be. Part of her body is made of shadow and she has a very foul mouth.

1 Birdo - Super Mario Bros. 2

      Birdo is largely considered to be the first transgender Woman in video gaming. In her very first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 2, Birdo is described in the manual this way... "He thinks he is a girl and he spits eggs from his mouth. He'd rather be called Birdetta." After a lot of negative reactions by gamers Nintendo decided to scrap this idea in later versions of the manual and eventually established her as a female. However several other games portray her as a male. It is possible that birdo is actually a post-op transgender woman created by transgender video gamer Jennifer Reitz. Even if she is now considered a full fledged female by Nintendo ... we know her little secret.

      One can see that over time transgender characters have been showing up in games here and there. The more evolved video games become, and the more games push the envelope like the Gay character in Dragon Age and the ability to cross dress in Fable 3, the more progress transgender people can make in society. Making the world a little more equal for all.

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