Just face it, we all wish we could leave are busy and stressful days, and just go and relax on a warm tropical island, drinking lemonade under a shady palm tree. Even though you might have the time and money to go on a tropical island getaway,how would you narrow down your destination choices. We all know there are hundreds of tropical islands to choose from, that is why I have assembeled a list of the top 5 tropical island vacation destinations.


Fiji is located in the south Pacific Ocean. Fiji is know for their coral reefs, it is a very popular destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. Other fun activities people enjoy doing in Fiji are hot air ballon flights, parasailing, and the very popular jet ski safari's. Be sure to check out the mountianous landscape by trecking the various mountain trails. You might even find your self visiting some of the caves found on the island. Your trip to Fiji will surely be a memorable one!

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The Bahamas are a group of about 700 islands found in the Caribbean. The Bahamas are one of the Caribbean's most popular destinations. The Bahamas offer many unique wildlife activites, historical sites, and many local markets. Of course, they also offer the stand by tropical activities such as snorkeling,scuba diving, and boat rentals. As I said earlier, the Bahamas offer great wildlife activities which include, dolphin swims, wildlife trails and treks, and even eco tours. If the Bahamas sound like a great time, try to book your trip for the winter. Months June through November is hurricne season and it is usually rainy during the spring and summer.


Jamaica is the third largest and most populated island in the Caribbean, and is the classic tropical island vacation. Jamaica is a large island that offers many places to visit on your trip. Some of these places include Negrill,Ocho Rios,and the capital city Kingston. Besides relaxing on the many sandy beaches or taking a swim in one of the resort pools, there is much more action to be found in the cities. Grab a seat and listen to some live reggae singers or order a fresh smoothie. The possibilities are endless at Jamaica!

Hawaiian Islands

Want to get that tropical island experience closer to home? Then visit Hawaii. Here you can snorkel,scuba dive, jet ski, or just stroll some of the black colored beaches. Make sure to visit the island of Maui on your trip. While at Maui you can enjoy whale watching,taste the local cuisine, or even take your very own surfing lessons. Don't forget to see Earth's wonders at the National Volcano Park located on the Big Island. Enjoy all this fun without even leaving the country!


Located in the south Pacific Ocean, Tahiti is the busiest and most populated island in the French Polynesian Islands. Tahiti is known for its magnificent mountains that are covered in tropical foliage and large waterfalls. Tahiti also has spectacular white and black sand beaches that cover the island. Tahiti's capital Papetee is the start of most peoples vacations. While in Papetee be sure to check out the central market, where you can find fresh produce and handcrafted souveniers. Also, check out the Pearl Museum or catch dinner at one of the many resturaunts with a view overlooking the ocean. Sounds like a great time!