If you've always wondered how women always smell so good, it's down to one little trait: dedication. It's not easy to make sure you're turned out well each time you leave the house; it takes hours of dedication to look that good. It may seem like the way of the Metrosexual, but it's becoming increasing important for men to buck their ideas up when it comes to personal hygiene. 

Below are five of women's top turn offs and how you can avoid them to stay in the game.

1. Too much cologne

But they want us to smell good right? Yes, you’re absolutely correct, they want you to smell clean and a dash of a well chosen aftershave can’t hurt. But using cologne rather than water isn’t the way to present yourself.

You’re saying a number of things when you go overboard with the sprays. Firstly, you’re saying “I’m hiding something,” be it body odour or other poor hygiene. Much like Homer Simpson when he proclaimed, “No, I’m not a bath guy either… more of a cologne guy.”

Secondly, you’re showing an overwhelming lack of personal awareness. Aftershave should be used as a cheeky little reward for getting close to you, not a proximity mine unleashed on anyone unfortunate enough to share a room with you.

To rectify this, you’ll need to learn where your pulse points are. These are the parts of your body that produce the most heat and therefore get the maximum range out of your aftershave. Put a dab (yes, a dab!) of aftershave on your wrists, the base of your throat and behind your ears. This will serve to put out just enough of the good stuff without being overbearing.

Woman smells a guy with bad hygieneCredit: B-D-S / Bigstockphoto.com

2. Bad breath

You wouldn’t accept it on her, so why should she accept it on you? Although she may not pick this up until it’s too late, it’s the biggest disappointment in the dating game. A big part of proper male grooming is a good oral hygiene routine. It is essential in today’s competitive dating scene.

Brush your teeth for two minutes without any toothpaste. Afterwards, floss and brush for a further two minutes with toothpaste. This means that you’re applying the fluoride and any whitening agent to clean teeth. After this, use mouthwash and you’re good to go. Repeat twice a day, but flossing is only necessary once a day. Your teeth are particularly susceptible to bacteria at night so before bed is the most important time to follow this routine.

3. Poor hygiene

Have you ever noticed how when you’re picking up an interest in something, you start to see it everywhere? Whether it be a new tattoo, an expensive watch or a new phone, you’ll start to see these items everywhere you look. Now think how much time women spend making themselves look and smell the best they possibly can. Do you see where I’m going with this?

This is a turn off for obvious reasons. The tell-tale signs of poor hygiene are dirty fingernails, funky smells, bad breath, dandruff, foot odour etc. Again, the overall picture you’re painting by displaying these things is a lack of self awareness. You’re saying to the world, "not only don’t I know how to deal with them, I don’t even see them as a problem".

Buck up your ideas when it comes to personal hygiene and grooming. I don’t care what your day job is: painter, bin man, landscape gardener, take care of your nails and make sure they’re clean. Wear clean clothes, sort your shoes out if they smell, use anti-dandruff shampoo if you need it. It’s time to take a long hard look in the mirror.


4. They appear unkempt

Now this isn’t the boy band unkempt look that works for so many of Hollywood’s finest when it comes time for the movie premiers. This is the “I’ve been wearing the same clothes for four days and I can’t remember the last time I showered” unkempt look. This says, loud and proud, “I’m not looking for a partner, I’m looking for a surrogate mother.” Why would a woman go anywhere near you if that’s the messages you’re sending out there?

5. Narcissistic tendencies  

Are you constantly on the prowl for a reflective surface? Did you fail your driving test because you used your mirrors too much?

Despite the need to look good, smell good and display male grooming, women are still looking for a man, not someone who’s going to be competing for time in front of the mirror. Spend your preening time behind closed doors, when it’s time to show yourself to the world, to it confidently and do it like a man.