My Top Five Tycoon Games

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Tycoon games or simulation games is one of my favorite genres of video games. You can play God, build a whole world from scratch and control everything. These games are great for children to learn important skills and for everybody else to enjoy building their virtual worlds. There are a lot of different tycoon games available for purchase online and you will surely find something right for you if you search a little.

You can build huge cities, build your movie studios and record movies, run your very own hotel or Zoo and become a manager of maximum security prison. And each games allows you to control almost everything and make sure that you keep everybody happy in order to survive in your business and evolve in the future. These are great games for those who like strategy and simulations.

In this article I want to share the list of my top 5 Tycoon games that you can buy online for really affordable prices and play on your PC. Each game has a short description and an image preview. Check them out and enjoy!

1. Sim City 4

Sim City 4 is most surely one of the most recognizable and popular simulation game. Here you start with an empty land and build a metropolis. You control everything from traffic to finances and you have a lot of different buildings and infrastructure stuff available to build so you can really build a city you want and become a mayor of your new creation. You must keep your population happy in order to gain reputation and evolve and you must prepare for crime and natural disasters and keep your citizens safe. Great game worth playing. Most recommended!

2. Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon is a wonderful tycoon games for those who like business and animals. Here you can create your own Zoo, import all the animals you want, place different stores in your Zoo and decorate it. Graphics are OK and you can control finances, strategies and your employees. You can even mix animal breeds and create new ones so this game is really fun to play.

3. Movies

This is a simulation of a movie studio. The whole Hollywood on your computer. You start in the beginning of the 20th century and build your own movies studio, hire staff and actors and start working on your first movies. Later you can improve your gear and keep up with technology and record better and better movies. You can train your directors and actors, set many different scenes and buildings in your studio and even write your custom scripts. And when the movies are done you can export your custom creation as a media file on your hard drive to watch it later or upload online. Really awesome game worth your time!

4. Hotel Giant 2

Become a manager of a huge hotel and try to survive in this business. Build rooms, stores, restaurants and set your prices. Run a successful marketing campaign to attract new customers and be sure to keep your loyal ones satisfied every time they visit your luxury hotel. Graphics are really amazing and you have many different stores and infrastructure stuff available to place in your hotel. When you improve you can have more than one hotel and soon become a real Hotel Giant in town.

5. Restaurant Empire

Restaurant Empire is very similar to Hotel Giant but here you run a chain of your own restaurants. Like in the game above this cool tycoon game features many different types of furniture, kitchen stuff and other things you must put in your restaurants to keep your customers satisfied. You create custom menus, hire chefs and staff, set the prices and there a lot of different campaigns available for you to play and improve your restaurants. The story is OK and the graphics are just awesome. You can even have a themed restaurant and import special types of food to have a restaurant you always wanted!


This is my list. I hope you will like these great simulation games. If you know another great tycoon game please share it with us in comments below!

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