Its due to be a good few years for the gaming industry and gamers, regardless of your loyalties to either console or to your PC these are a few games that your going to want to check out.


5. Dead Island (PS3,XBOX360,PC)

Zombies, the new nazis, but yet we still love them. Dead Island a zombie-rpg in which you are trying to survive and live in a holiday resort infested with the undead horde, complete with customizable weapons and a leveling system that competes with that of Fallout 3. Also the visuals seem to be set to stun, as all the footage and screenshots that have been showcased seem to paint a picture of a very visually apealing apocalypse. Set to release September 6 2011


4. Deux Ex: Human Revoloution

The original game was and still is deemed one of the best games ever made, and its graphicaly enhanced follow up looks as though its going to take gamers by storm, with an incredibly detailed sci-fi world and story that like its predeccesor will spin you into an intrecate web of deciet and colourufl corporations and people, so being careful who you trust is essential.

Fighting and shooting in this game also seems to be beutifully revoloutinary as it allows the player to do a variety of kill moves using augmentations fitted into the player, such as blades that protrude from the players arms.


3.Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Uncharted 2 was an amazing gaming experience, its set pieces were fantastic (the falling building, the train) the graphics were beutiful and the controls and animations were fluid. But Uncharted 3 is set to deliver all this and more, expanding upon the multiplayer mode set up in Uncharted 2 with player customization that allows you to edit the charachter you are playing as well as the guns you are using. The story also seems to be set to be great, taking you to expansive missions all around the world from Africa to London.


2. Battlefield 3

The battlefiled games have always been incredibly fun and have always guaranteed an excellent multiplayer experience, and battlefield 3 looks set to intesify this full force, with an amazing campaign as well as a multiplayer mode which if all goes to plan will overtake call of dutys.

But if you are lucky enough to have a fully built gaming pc then I reccomend that you purchase this as graphically it looks fantastic. And the pc version will also have servers consisting of 64 players which will make the experience all the more better.



1. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

I've played all of the previous games and they've always been the pinacle of RPG experiences and this one is going to take the cake, in fact it looks set to take the whole bakery. With an expansive world, flexible leveling system that will change based on how you play, a world that allows you to take part and most of all a world that feels alive, with npcs going about their business as you speak to them along with decisions that will effect the world being put on your shoulders.