Tabistry is a relatively new word used by those who use soda can tabs to create brand new objects. There are a variety of uses for soda can tabs in tabistry and this article will get you started thinking about some beautiful items you could make. 

Tabistry pull tab
Credit: kitalanya


Possibly the most simple item to create when using soda can tabs in tabistry, is a necklace. File down the rough edges or put two soda can tabs back-to-back and use a soft, thick ribbon to string them together. 


You will need a bracelet to match your tabistry necklace. Use the same ribbon and weaving method for a matching set or use an alternate weaving method for a uniquely paired jewelry set. A pair of earrings made from a single soda can tab will complete this jewelry set. 


Chain belts can be a great addition to any wardrobe, but they are rarely actually functional at holding loose-fitting pants up. Soda can tabs and tabistry will create a belt with that chain look, but with functionality, too. Use a clean-looking ribbon for a sophisticated and stylish look or a frayed hemp for a more boyish charm. 


Purses made from old shorts or cut-off jeans are losing popularity. The ones that look like little corset tops are cute, but mostly impractical. The green movement ensures that a stylish and functional purse made of soda can tabs will be popular for years to come. Ribbon or yarn work well and when weaved together closely, the soda can tabs barely even look like recycled aluminum tabs. 


Just by expanding the pattern used to make a belt, and adding an elastic band to the top and you have a lovely, shiny skirt. A darker-toned ribbon with a tight weave will dull the shine.