1. Mario- Come on guys do you really even have to ask why? Well if you do here is why it is #1 on my list. The Mario Bros came into the world of Nintendo in 1983.  The next huge hit was Super Mario Bros that debuted in 1985. Then came Mario Bros 2 in 1987. Next Super Mario Brothers 2 and 3 in the year of 1988. By this time Mario had already revolutionized gaming as we knew it. Then came Super Mario Land and Super Mario World in 1989 and 1990. Then came the newer games for the Nintendo DS and the Wii. To be honest i wish Mario would never have been on another console besides the original nintendo 64. Although this is still the top game series of all time in my opinion the newer games are just not that good.

2.Call of Duty- The Call of Duty has to be #2 by far the best first person shooter out there. Call of duty 1 came out in 2003. Call of duty 2 came out in 2005. Call of duty 3 came out in 2006. Now probably one of the biggest games in history that revolutionized first person shooters for ever Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare came out in 2007. In my opinion this was the most important first person shooter ever made. Then came World at War in 2008. Next Modern Warfare 2 in 2009 which became famous for the quick scoping with the perk Sleight of hand Pro. Next came black ops in 2010 which honestly became to easy for myself. I don't know why but the kids were just way worse it seemed like? Is it just me leave a comment. Anyways next we have Modern Warfare 3 that came out recently in 2011. I bought this game and it seems like a replay of Modern Warfare 2 accept it has new maps. Ever since Call of Duty 4 there has not been that much inovation but i still believe this is the #2 series out there.

3. Grand Theft Auto- Okay for this one i am not going to get into all of the years of the games because there is just to many of them. But San Andreas is the fan favorite i do believe, and with the new GTA5 coming out i believe it is located in San Andreas. Also GTA4 was a huge game, so many different areas you could bring your character too it was crazy. It is reported that GTA5 is going to be even bigger, some people might need bigger hard drive's for this game. Im excited for that and thats why GTA is #3.

4.Halo- If you are not a Halo fan i don't know if you can be a fan of anything. The campaign is just epic in every game. It all started out with Halo the original for the normal xbox, this game was just amazing. Then came Halo 2 which had a lot more content and online play. Then Halo 3!, Probably one of my top 5 games of all time. From the campaign to the online multiplayer it was just amazing. Then Halo Wars,which was honestly the dumbest game Bungie could have released. Next there was Halo ODST which brought firefight mode into Halo. Then came Halo Reach which was awesome with firefight mode and the leveling system where you can buy armour it was crazy.

5. Madden- Although the game does not receive very many inovation type updates from year to year this game is still the top noch for any sports came. They upgrade the graphics every year and come out with new game modes. I bought Madden 12 and it is just unbelievable how good the graphics are.