There is so much focus on combatting male patterned baldness.   But what about other forms of hair loss?

Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons.  Hormone imbalance can effect the blood flow to the scalp and cause hair loss.  Infections and medications are two other major causes of hair loss.  If significant hair loss occurs, it is always wise to seek a doctor's advice.

However, when you notice that you are losing more hair than normal, you may want to start by looking at some common causes of hair loss that can be easily treated by certain vitamins for hair.

For example, a major cause for thinning hair is stress.  When the body is stressed, it begins to use more protein to help fortify itself.  If enough protein is not consumed to compensate, then protein-rich areas of the body such as the hair and nails, have to be sacrificed in order to compensate.

Adding amino acid supplements can be a great way to help the body in stressful times.  L-Lysine is an especially important building block for proteins as the body cannot synthesize L-lysine on its own. So taking a full protein supplement, or at least some amino acids, can help the body with hair loss.

Additionally, B Vitamins are extremely good for hair growth. Vitamins B3 and B6 are especially important for hair growth, and can be taken as a pill, or are often included in shampoo formulas.  Lack of Vitamin B12 can also cause hair loss, especially in times of emotional of physical stress.  Vitamin B12 is a good vitamin to take along with the amino acids to help combat stress.

The B Vitamins work primarily by directly supporting the cellular function of the skin and scalp.  A healthy scalp will better support the function of the hair follicles that reside in them, and help the body kill infections and dirt that may be clogging sebaceous glands or dormant follicles.

Vitamins A and E are two other excellent vitamins for skin health.  Vitamin A helps to reduce the amount of bacteria that might clog sebaceous glands and allow for better skin function.  Vitamin E increases circulation to the skin and is excellent for restoring vibrant, healthy skin.  Vitamin E can also be rubbed directly into the scalp and is a great topical ointment.

Finally, we need to talks about a major vitamin for hair growth: Biotin.  Biotin, also referred to as Vitamin B7 works visibly in the cells to create healthy hair.  In fact, a lack of biotin has been attributed to loss of eyelashes and skin hair. 

People rarely suffer from biotin deficiencies since ample bacteria in the intestinal tract create more than enough.  However, antibiotics and other treatments can interfere with normal bacterial flora. Since biotin is harmless, some specialists suggest taking 3 milligrams per day to help combat hair loss and restore healthy hair. 

These are just some major suggestions of vitamins for combating hair loss.  Of course the body needs a foundation of a healthy diet along with a daily multivitamin to ensure that all of its dietary needs are met.  However, if you find your self with thinning hair, you might first focus on some of these ideas to restore your hair to its former beauty.