Here are 5 Fast-Action Tips to Boost Your Metabolic Rate Today

Here are 5 Fast-Action Tips to Boost Your Metabolic Rate Today

Writing for Redbook, and reproduced on yahoo Shine, Dietician Heather Bauer Offers twenty ways to speed up your metabolism.  In the Interest of time, I will only mention 5 of the top twenty ways that she spoke offered.  All these tips are applicable to you if you are a few pounds over your ideal weight, or you just want to stay fit and keep those extra pounds away.  Additionally, I've chosen to highlight some of the lesser-known metabolism boosters; which were new to me as well.  Hopefully, these calorie-burning tips will help you to stay fit and trim in the months to come. So, here then are the top 7 ways to boost your metabolism.

1.  Snack often instead of going hungry for long periods

Dieters often give 'eating' a bad rap.  This little trick will keep your metabolism up as you feed your hungry stomach.  The trick of course, is not to gouge on the wrong foods, but to eat small amounts of the good stuff like high protein snacks, fiber crackers, and fruits.  Remaining hungry seems to be a sure-fire way to slow down your calorie-burning system. Don't forget that the very idea of boosting your metabolism is that you actually want to be burning calories faster than you are storing them.  As long as you are using calories faster than you are storing it, you are on the right path.

2. Try to keep your calcium levels up

In here Redbook article, Heather goes on to explain that recent studies in obesity are showing that a reduction in calcium levels may be responsible for triggering the same hormone that causes the body to retain fat. Ms. Bauer further recommends that you can eat low-fat dairy, yogurt, salmon, and other such calcium-rich foods.

3.  Reduce your intake of diet sodas

The idea behind this snippet of advice is to prevent yourself from being fooled by the idea of the low-calorie reputation of these popular drinks.  Bauer asserts that diet sodas can actually have an adverse effect on your metabolism compared to their high-calorie predecessors. She recommends that if you think you really need the fizz or buzz of a soda, you will be better off taking seltzer and water. This is an interesting concept.

4.  Quit the heavy-drinking to boost your metabolism

If you are a heavy drinker of alcohol, Heather recommends that you ditch the happy hour drinks and after-hour cocktails as well. This, she asserts can significantly reduce your metabolic rate, and increase the pounds.  You can see evidence of this in men and women who consume large quantities of beer, for example.  Hence the term 'beer gut' continues to find favor among the drinking population and the medical fraternity.

 5.  Take in some sun as often as you can

Now, this is great advice. Research shows that if you spend  long periods in a dark environment, it literally stimulate the same physiological functions associated  with sleep and weight-gain.  Sunlight apparently, has a positive correlation to fast weight loss, and the best time to do this is between 11:00am and 3:00pm.  That being said, you should get outside more.  I do  mean that literally!  Hopefully, you can incorporate some of these five tips into your daily routine to speed up your metabolism.