"Past is gone, dead. Future is unknown, uncertain. The only thing that is available to you is present. That's why it is called a present, a gift."

1. Think Positive

Stop paying attention to those negative thoughts that pops up now and then. Just watch it and let it pass.

I usually write a journal, where i vent my anger and negative emotions. When it's on the screen, i feel relieved. What this does is that it allows an point to release anger, jealousy, fear and other negative emotions you are bottling up.

After venting, think deeply. What do you wanted out of that situation. Replace it with positive steps and thoughts. Write down what you could have done differently to improve the situation. Weaken those negative emotions by weakening it's legs. Give counter examples to weaken those negative thoughts that holds you back.

2. Meditate

"Wealth, health, material things, and spiritual knowledge are four key things that makes anyone and everybody happy." - Teachings of Buddhism.

Learn to meditate. Become a student of meditation. Make it your part of life. Meditation allows you to be at present, the essence of life. You will learn to quit worrying and bask in the sunlight of present. When you meditate for a month or two, you will realize that you have increased your senses because you will be always be in present aware of what happening in your surroundings.

You just learn to watch it, and get carried off with it. You will surpass it, so you no longer become attached with it. Slowly and eventually, you will stop to react and learn to become active. Your will do something because of your inner urge and become independent of outside influence.

3. Breathe

"I am already feeling nervous because i have to get to that job interview. I don't know what will happen to me because i can't think of anything else, cause my mind is racing."

You realize those inner voice saying to yourself. Do yourself a favor. Take a deep breath, and release tensions, worries, and anxiety out from your mind. Now, after that, breathe naturally. Don't control your breathing. If your mind wanders, just return back to your breathing. Follow your breathing cycles.

When you can follow breathing cycle, increase it gradually. Just breathe. By the end of new few minutes, you already have a calm and quiet mind. Now, you can think rationally and you become confident to yourself.


4. Go for a nature walk

"I didn't wanted to come waking up in the morning for this hike until I decided to give it a try. I am happy that I got an opportunity to get closer to the nature. It's a bliss after long hours in the busy life in the city."

That's what does a nature walk does for anyone. You get to know the flora, faunas, and also come across sceneries that you longed to watch through your own eyes. Instead of watching National Geographic and Travel Channels on T.V., join a Nature Walk Club near your city. They provide every services and the charge is less than $10.

You will also get to meet other nature enthusiasts, photographers, and people from all walks of life. It will be a refreshing adventure for you. You will also get to know life and gain some valuable perspectives.

5. Read a book or listen to an audio book

When you are free from important tasks, allow yourself to read a book or audio books. Read anything from newspapers, magazines, novels, poetry, drama. Don't limit yourself. Reading only increases your mental capacity and enriches your mind.

While reading, make sure you read books that are informative, positive, inspiring, and compels you to take actions. While i am traveling to and from home on local bus, i plug my headphone and listen to inspiring and motivational audio books.

"If you are listening audio books for self-improvement in your field, you will be earning more than those who don't."

There are free audio books that you can listen and download from the internet. The world is your oyster. Don't just read it, but share what you have learned by writing a review about it.