The Best Part of Christmas

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The best part about Christmas, other than the day itself, is the anticipation that lead to it. The month before Christmas is an exciting and special time, which is why so many people count the days as they go by. There are several ways to countdown days until Christmas, but some are more fun than others. Here are the top 5 ways to go about your Christmas countdown this year.

Use a Calendar

Using a standard calendar, especially a family calendar that is in public display in your home, is a great way to count down the days until Christmas. You could go with the standard “x” as each day passes, but you can do something a bit more fun too. Check out these ideas.

For example, how about getting some Christmas colored glitter pens to mark the days? It will bring out the artist in you. How about a sheet of Christmas themed stickers to apply to each day as it passes? You can have the kids take turns decorating each day as Christmas approaches and picking the stickers that they like the most.

Use a Counter Decoration

There are all sorts of decorations that have Christmas counters built right into them. They may hang on a wall or sit on a table. Each day you turn a dial, open a door, or rotate a block of wood to adjust the days as the month winds down.

These counters are great if you don’t want to use a pen or have candy as part of your countdown. My favorites are the ones with wooden blocks that you turn or the ones with little wooden doors that you open or close. They make great decorations in your home, and you might even find that this becomes a family heirloom.

Advent Calendar With Chocolate

Advent Calendars with Chocolate Make the Countdown DeliciousEvery kid (big and small) loves a little piece of chocolate every day to look forward to, and the advent calendar with chocolate candies inside gives us just the excuse to get it.

These advent calendars have been around for a very long time and they are simply made of light cardboard and filled with small chocolates hidden behind numbered doors that you open with each passing day. They come decorated in great Christmas scenes and look festive wherever you choose to display them.

One word of advice - don’t rotate them around too much or treat them like a toy, or you might have little chocolate pieces out-of-place, which makes the hunt for your daily piece of candy rather difficult.

Counter Candy String

When I was a kid we all had a long piece of fabric with 24 sets of yarn attached that we used as a countdown tool. To each set of yarn strings we tied 1 piece of candy, normally hard candy. Every day we were allowed to untie one piece of candy and eat it.

This is a great craft idea if you want to make something on your own and use it to countdown the days until Christmas. Just cut a piece of felt a few feet long and 2 inches wide or so and create your 24 “ties” long enough to tie them in a loop around a piece of candy. Then, attach a round hook to the top so you can hang them from a pin on the wall.

The best part of this method is that you get to pick the candy, trinket, gum, or whatever you want it to be.

Classic Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas With an Advent CalendarThe most classic way to countdown the days until Christmas is with a classic advent calendar. That is, one without candy.

A typical advent calendar will have small items that you attach to a Christmas tree with snaps, Velcro, or something similar. Each day you take 1 items and attach it to the tree. Once the tree is all filled up (and usually ending with a start on top), Christmas Eve has arrived.

A cloth advent calendar is a great way for kids to countdown to Christmas and they can take turns or pre-select the items that they will get to put on the tree as the month rolls on. Just make sure you rotate the star if you have more than one kid. They will remember who did it last year.

How Will You Count Down?

There are truly many ways to track the time remaining until Christmas. Which method is best for you depends on your family, your tolerance (or lack thereof) of candy or treats being included, and how much work you want to do every day to keep up with it.

Whichever method you choose, using one of these ways to countdown days until Christmas will make the time fun and increase anticipation of the big day.