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Are you a new Thermomix owner?  Or perhaps an experienced Thermomixer looking for new recipes or creations to make with your fantastic kitchen machine?  Maybe you are trying to decide whether the Thermomix price is worthwhile and searching the Internet for information and recipes.  This article discusses 5 different ways to find new and free Thermomix recipes online, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced user looking for ways to expand your existing repertoire.  

After several years of deliberation and research I finally decided to purchase a Thermomix about 7 months ago.  Since then, I’ve completely changed my approach to cooking, trying a wide range of new dishes that previously seemed too complicated but became less daunting with the assistance of my Thermomix.  I can honestly say that it has revolutionized the way I cook, making life as a working Mum with 2 young toddlers a lot easier!  Part of the fun has been exploring the online recipe community and gaining inspiration from other like-minded people who have tips and suggestions to share.  

Fresh home baked bread - mixed and kneaded in the Thermomix
Credit: Flourishing Minds

Home baked cheesy bread straight out of the oven... yum!

So far, I’ve found that there are 5 main ways in which to discover new Thermomix recipes online – each of which varies slightly in terms of the format and style in which the recipes are presented, and consequently the experience for Thermomix owners and enthusiasts.  

1.  Official Thermomix Recipe Community

By far the largest collection of Thermomix recipes, the official recipe community website includes ‘tried and tested’ recipes from Thermomix Australia as well as thousands of recipes contributed by Thermomix owners and Consultants within the community.  Users can search for specific recipes, browse by category (e.g. Starters, Soups, Main Dishes, Baby Food, etc.), and review recipes of the day.  Recipes found during searches can be sorted in terms of their relevance, cooking time, ratings, and so on.  Most recipes include a picture, which can be helpful when browsing.  The Recipe Community site also allows you to create an account and save recipes into your 'collection' for later reference.  You can also rate and comment on recipes shared by others, and create shopping lists based on the recipes you want to prepare.  

2.  Fan Blogs

A number of passionate Thermomix users have created online blogs in order to share their experiences and post great recipes, with a few of these bloggers becoming extremely well known in the Thermomix user community.  Here are some of the more frequently visited blogs:

Quirky Cooking - The Quirky Cooking wesbite was created by Jo Whitton, a fantastic cook and mother of four whose personal experience with intolerances inspired her to develop a range of delicious meals including gut-friendly whole foods and fresh ingredients.  Her creations have inspired many in the Thermomix community to begin cooking 'from scratch' whenever possible.  Many of her recipes are grain, gluten, wheat, egg or dairy free, and her website includes some fantastic information regarding substitutions that cater for specific dietary requirements, as well as recipes for a variety of basic foods created with these substitutions.  Quirky Jo's website and blog is full of great meal ideas, and you can also find The Quirky Cooking cookbook for sale on her website.  Definitely a must-visit website for any new Thermomix owner!

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Super Kitchen Machine - An unofficial fan blog created by Helene Meurer, a Canadian Thermomix enthusiast, and another definite 'must visit' site for new Thermomixers.  The site includes a range of recipes (see the Recipe Index), as well as a collection of helpful videos illustrating the cooking methods used with different meals.  A list of lesser-known (but still great!) Thermomix blogs containing recipes can also be found on her website, so if you want to explore some additional sites, be sure to look this up.

Cooking with Tenina - The official page for Tenina Holder, a fantastic cook who worked for several years as a recipe developer for Thermomix Australia and who has created several popular Thermomix cookbooks under her own name.  One of the great features of Tenina's website is that the recipes are sorted into categories and then represented by mouth-watering pictures - a layout which makes it easy to spot the one that most appeals to you.  Instructions are also presented in a format that is easy and simple to follow.

Fruit and nut porridge made in the Thermomix
Credit: Flourishing Minds

Fruit and nut muesli - mixed in seconds with the assistance of the Thermomix

The Road to Loving my Thermo Mixer - Created by Peta Lee, who admits that she initially didn't feel as though the Thermomix was living up to the ‘hype’ but realised its potential after challenging herself to cook with it every day for a week.  She has now become a respected blogger who creates wonderful things (both edible and otherwise) with her Thermomix and shares these experiences online.  One of the best things about this site is that the recipes are largely about 'everyday food' - proving highly useful for parents cooking meals that require kid approval!    

3.  Online Forums

So far I’ve only discovered one online forum – Forum Thermomix - which is a non-official Thermomix forum where members share tips, recipes, and suggestions regarding all things Thermomix-related.  Recipes are divided into sections based on whether you have the newer (TM5) or older (TM31) Thermomix machine, and are listed in categories.  Some recipes have pictures while others don’t, depending on who shared the recipe.

4.  Facebook Groups

There is a massive community of Thermomix users on Facebook sharing recipes, so this is definitely one of the best online sources of new ideas.  You can also find some lively discussions in groups regarding a range of different topics that become relevant once you are a seasoned Thermomix user, such as where to source bulk ingredients, how to make basic foods from ‘scratch’, or how to substitute ingredients in order to handle food sensitivities.  Often groups become real communities, with members developing relationships over time and really getting to know one other.  Several groups with a specific dietary purpose can be found, such as those relating to Paleo recipes, GAPS friendly recipes, or LCHF (low calorie high fat) recipes.  The groups can be hard to find at times unless you know what they are called, but after joining one group you will find that you hear about others within the community, and Facebook will suggest similar groups.  Here are some Facebook groups I’ve come across or visit regularly:

  • Skinnymixers
  • Thermo for Paleo
  • Thermomix TM5 Hints, Tips and Recipes
  • Aussie TM5 Thermomixer
  • Quirky Cooking Chat Group

And of course, there are new groups popping up all the time. 

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5.  Pinterest

Last, but not least – Pinterest is a great source of ideas for using the Thermomix, especially for those who enjoy seeing photos of the completed meal or recipe.  Indeed, it can be quite distracting seeing photos of all of the other recipes you could try when searching for something specific!  Typing in “Thermomix Recipes” brings up a whole range of pins, which can then be sorted according to categories (e.g. Easy, Dinner, Healthy, Sweets, Kids, etc.)

So there you go – lots of places to explore.  Happy Thermomixing!

Note - the author of this article is not a Thermomix consultant and this article is not sponsored in any way by Thermomix or any associated companies.