Pets can leave a lingering odor in a house that is not very inviting. The smell of the wet dog is far from appealing, the cat's litter box odor wafts through the house or the kids and their sports gear stinks up the house. Maybe even your husband's work boots or the fish you cooked last night, don't want to leave the house. There are several air fresheners sold in the stores, many mix their strong scent with the foul odor and make the house smell worse than before spraying to freshen the air. or, maybe you just haven't had time to run to the store and you want to freshen up the air try any or all of the top 5 air freshening remedies.

 Natural Odor Removers

Extracts and Essential Oils

Dip two natural cotton balls into vanilla extract. Place the cotton balls in your vacuum cleaner's bag or if you have a bagless vacuum, put the cotton balls into the collection cup. Every time you run the vacuum, a pleasant vanilla odor will come out of the vacuum's exhaust and will waft through the house and get rid of bad smells. You can also dip cotton balls into your favorite essential oil and it will leave a fresh scent behind. Consider using orange, lemon or cedar essential oil. Replace the soaked cotton balls when the scent from your vacuum cleaner fades.

White Vinegar for Odor Removal

Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle. Walk around the house and mist the air with white vinegar. The smell of the white vinegar will fade after a few minutes and the air will smell fresh and clean. White vinegar is very effective in fighting dog odors.

Spray the dogs bed to freshen them. Wipe the cat's litter box with a paper towel soaked in white vinegar every time tyou change the litter to fight lingering cat odors. Soak a paper towel with white vinegar and wipe down coutertops and garbage cans to remove bad odors. Leave the vinegar soaked paper towel in on top of the garbage to prevent the bad odors from escaping. Do not wipe marble, ceramic and natural stone countertops with white vinegar because the white vinegar will etch the surface.

Coffee Grinds

Save your old coffee grinds and place them in glass bowls or jars. Put the coffee grinds under furniture, behind tables or in other out of the way areas around your home. The coffee grinds will absorb the bad odors and give off a pleasant coffee smell. Discard the coffee grinds every few days because they will develop mold.

Dried Lavender

Crush and grind dried lavender in a food processor or in a spice grinder until it is a fine powder. Mix 1 cup powdered lavender with 2 cups baking soda. Sprinkle the lavender-scented baking soda over furniture, carpets and rugs. Let it remain on for at least two to three hours. Use your vacuum to pick up the baking soda and powdered lavender. Dust your dog's bed with the scented baking soda. Wait an hour or two and shake the excess off outdoors.

Lemons and Lemon Juice

Add 8 ounces of warm water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to mix the contents. Walk around the house to spritz the lemony scent throughout the house. Fresh lemon juice and concentrated lemon juice are equally effective. Avoid spraying dark colored fabrics, upholstery or carpets because the lemon juice may promote fading.

Freshening the smell of the air in your home gives friends, family memebers and guests a warm and inviting feeling while making your home a pleasant place to be.