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Five Ways to Increase your Self-Esteem in 2013

     So you’ve decided to make some changes in your lifestyle the New Year. You've been  honest about your self-defeating behavior and worked to replace your unwanted behavior with a new attitude that fits your new healthy lifestyle. You need to make as many steps as possible to make sure you are building a solid foundation for your life. You should also continue your personal self-development, it  will be an ongoing process throughout life’s journey. While increasing your self-worth, there are five things you should focus on to build your self-esteem.

     Build a solid foundation and find your personal strengths- When you build a solid foundation for your life, you have to make sure you have examined every area of your life. Your emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, spiritual, financial, and mental stability. Work to make changes that you can make. You have to come to a state of acceptance and love for things that cannot be changed.  Identify your personal strengths, you will grow to love and appreciate  yourself. Through your strengths, you can build your self-worth,  love for yourself and improve everyday. Stay focused on improving your life and stay focused on healthy habits. Determination, commitment, and loyalty are also good examples of personal strengths.

     Organizing your mind, environment and building a support group- Surround yourself with people who will support your journey and new healthy habits. Incorporate healthy meal plans, explore new places, and bring new things and people into your life. Make sure your mind is clear and find ways to stay balanced. Spirituality, yoga and swimming are good examples. Just whatever it takes for you to support balance, and relaxation when you need it in your life.

 Increasing your mental view- to include experiences you want to have in the future. Include new things that exercise or stimulate you mentally. Study on a topic of interest that you have no knowledge in, such as, learning a foreign language. Meet people that are also learning  the new language or people that know the language. Stimulate conversation and test out your new skills. Allow yourself to be open to what stimulates you mentally. Make sure you don’t let the time pass by without doing some things that you have always dreamed of doing.

     Build your sense of value- If there is a time your self-worth is low. Identify at least four personal strengths and describe a situation in each area, which you have demonstrated strength of character. When you reflect on these situations, this should give you a sense of your positive attributes. Trade your experiences and listen to someone that you feel close to may help.

    Make better choices-because they weigh heavily on the way that you will live. You may have made mistakes in the past, learn from your mistakes.  There are many more ways to build your self-esteem, but focus on what you can handle and stay motivated!