Exercising can be a drag-your-feet and oftentimes expensive endeavor, but it doesn't have to be. You can start intense, routine, and, most importantly effective workout habits right now that work for everyone no matter their fitness level, gender, or even age. These 5 tips to jump-start your exercise routine, along with the dieting tips in my other article found here, helped me lose 50lbs and anyone else can see the exact same results and form habits that will last them the rest of their lives. 


1) Work it Into Your Daily Routine

Time can be a real problem when one has made the decision that they want to work out and exercise; however, it shouldn't be. Exercising doesn't have to be exceptionally time consuming, in fact, I've found that sit can the most effective when you integrate it into your daily life. For example, when I was incredibly busy working on my finals papers for my classes, I legitimately didn't have time to go to the gym or take a workout class or really do anything for an extended period of time. Not wanting to forego my recent fitness streak, I decided I would find a way to keep on exercising. So what I did was, everytime I finished a paragraph in one of the papers I was writing, I would drop down and do either 25 push-ups or 25 sit-ups alternating. It was super-quick, didn't need any equiptment and, by the end of the day I had done literally hundreds of both exercises. By the end of finals week I actually felt sore in places that I hadn't felt sore for a while in while going to the gym every day. It was so effective that even after I was able to return to the gym and other exercise outlets, I still continued doing little sets here and there in-between activities during the day. 


2) Nothing Is Too Small

Oftentimes people feel intimidated by what others can do and so they choose to do nothing at all. However, what they don't realize, is that doing anything, no matter how small it may seem to them is infinitely more productive than doing nothing at all. Little things begin to add up and, before you notice, so do the pounds you've lost and the muscle you're gaining. People may scoff at the idea of taking the stairs instead of the escalator as any real form of exercise but, if you take the stairs often enough, some progress begins to be made (if it wasn't any type of exercise at all, we wouldn't find stair-steppers in gyms all across the country). So next time you need to get something from the store, if it's a reasonable distance, try walking instead of taking your car. Next time your walking your dog, run along side it instead of letting it wander ahead. Little things add up over time and sometimes it's the smallest things that end up making all the difference. 


3) Find a Great Workout Buddy

The first rule of picking a workout buddy: never pick your best friend. In fact, you really don't have to know them that well at all. The reason for this is that, when you're exercising with someone you know well, chances are you'll spend more time talking or goofing off than actually working out. When picking a workout buddy you are looking for three things: 1) Dedication- You want someone who will follow your routine as closely as, and hopefully better than, you will. 2) Motivation- Your workout buddy needs to be someone who can really motivate you. Whether you're the type of person who needs the drill sargent type yelling at you to add more weight, or your just need someone to be competitive with, that choice is up to you but make sure whoever you workout with is someone who pushes you to your max and always helps you do your best. 3) Fitness level- You want a workout buddy who is around the same level as you physically. You don't want someone who is lightyears ahead of you (unless you opt for a personal trainer) because, chances are, it's just going to discourage you. Simultaneously, you don't someone who's way behind you because that can easily lead to you become lax in your workouts (and lets face it, who really likes taking the weights on/off after every set?).


4) Do Exercises You Enjoy

Just like when you diet, you don't want to resent having to get up and exercise. Most people won't tell you this but, if you hate running, don't do it. It will only increase your odds of giving up, cutting your workout short, or quiting all together. There are enough exercises out there that you can do something that is contoured to your tastes. If you don't like running, you can swim instead, or do some other type of cardio. For me, when I worked my triceps, it hurt my elbows to do tricep extension, so I opted for diamond push-ups and close-grip bench. Remember, in the world of fitness, there are alternatives and utilizing all the exercisizes you can to get optimal results will help you in the long run. 


5) Find a Program That Lets You Work Out From Home

People mistakenly assume that all at home workout routines are either hundreds of dollars or complete scam but, though there are certainly plenty of both out there and you certainly have to do your research, there are many exceptions and great ways to help you lose weight, gain muscle, get toned, or whatever other goals you might have. Sometimes its hard to find an affordable, acceptable gym located near you and, even if you did, sometimes it can be intimidating to work out in front of so many other people, particurally when you first start. Finding an at-home workout program can be a great tool for some and may very well end up costing less than many monthly gym-membership plans. It doesn't even need to cost any money at all. I started out watching sixpackshortcuts videos on Youtube (one of which I've attached below) to get my fitness start and then, eventually, I decided to borrow the Insanity program from a friend which proved to be one of the most effective tools I could have ever used to help me lose my 50lbs. The Insanity program, and programs like it, are a little pricey but they are generally pretty effective if you are willing to put in the effort and so I've included a link to buy that program as well if you want below. 

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