Loosing weight has become the latest buzzword around the world. Irrespective of caste or creed, irrespective of nationality, irrespective of work ethics, obesity is looming large over mankind. Thought it is not a deadliest of diseases, it does form a cause of worry as it may lead to complications and end up in multiple deadliest diseases. It also affects the mindset. Therefore, there is a sense of urgency almost everywhere to counter obesity or loose weight and stay healthy. Now there are multiple solutions to loosing weight, some of them natural, other with some medicines. However, medicines may have certain side effects. It is worthwhile to follow natural weight reduction techniques. The best 5 ways to lose weight as per me are:

1. Think and Believe. Thoughts play a major role in almost every walk of life. The day you start thinking about loosing weight, you have made the beginning. It is definitely a positive start. Though this has to be coupled with other ways, just thinking to lose weight may actually start loosing the weight. You have to believe that you can lose weight. The stronger the thought, faster will be the effect. When you are confident about your thought about weight loss, you will put in extra efforts in achieving it. The stronger the thought, you will be more motivated in trying out different ideas without loosing hope. The process of loosing weight is never easy nor is it simpler. The process of loosing weight has to be time consuming for a long term effect. In this process when we try out various weight loss programs we may get de-motivated as we cannot see the results overnight. You have to be strong enough to overcome any feeling of not achieving desired weight loss. Just keep believing throughout your weight loss programs that you can actually lose weight. This will definitely help in loosing weight.

2. Yoga. Yoga is an ancient Indian science about the way we conduct our lives. Right from the way we should exercise, we should eat, we should study, Yoga gives effective secrets of living life healthily. There is one form of pranayama, a way if breathing, propagated by Yoga known as Kapalbhati. This has really caught the imagination of modern world in loosing weight. It is extremely effective. A simple breathing exercise can do wonders in reducing weight. This exercise has to be done religiously and regularly. The simple steps to follow are:

- Do some warm up exercise like walking for 5 minutes so that you feel relaxed.

- Sit in a comfortable position with straight back.

- Regulate your breathing by taking some deep breaths. Look at the breathing. You must feel breathing out and in.

- Take a deep breath.

- Exhale forcefully for at least 5 minutes. It will be difficult initially. But start with 1 minute and stretch it to a maximum of 15 minutes. While exhaling give a push to your abdomen inwards.

This will not only cleanse your bodily systems but will help in reducing weight. Kapalbhati causes burning of excessive fat in the body. This process increases the rate of metabolism in the body thus burning the fat. This becomes visible in terms of loss of weight. This is very easy exercise to be done daily. If done regularly, this will definitely keep the weight under check and makes the body healthy. Caution is that before actually practising; do check out for the restrictions from trained teachers.

3. Water Therapy. Water is a great resource. It is an extremely useful tool to keep the weight under control. After a lot of research, it has been confirmed that body requires approximately 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Water forms a major factor in controlling the metabolism. Apart from this, if we drink water before meals, you feel less hungry. This will reduce the amount of food intake. And naturally the fat formation will reduce causing loss of weight. The water should be taken at regular intervals throughout the day. The best practice can be to carry a bottle of water and keep sipping it at regular intervals. It may cause you going to loo frequently. But keep drinking water. This will cleanse your body toxics and improve the rate of metabolism. This is another natural and easy way to reduce weight.

4. Exercise regularly. Fats constitute the bulk of the weight. This fat can be burned by increasing the metabolic rate. A very important aspect of improving the metabolism is doing exercise regularly. If we exercise regularly, the fat will never accumulate and the weight will remain stable. If we do all other weight loss ideas and don't do exercise, the weight will never reduce. This is the hard fact of weight loss. You have to plan for at least half hour of regular exercise. It may be walking at a brisk pace, running slowly or playing any outdoor game. If you have a luxury of Gym, you may venture into to weight training exercises. The weight training tones up muscles and burns extra accumulated fat. The muscles will start replacing fat. It will not only tone up your body to look awesome but also improve the metabolism rate so as to burn any fat at regular intervals. This will in turn contribute in weight loss. The best time to do exercise is in the evening hours. In the morning hours, the metabolic rate is good. It starts decreasing in the afternoon. That is the time, if we start doing exercise, the metabolism will continue at a constant rate. This will in turn help in loosing weight.

5. Diet. Every weight loss program revolves around reduced diet. This is a misnomer. There is no relation in eating less and thereby effecting weight loss. There are lots of diet plans in the market. All of them are specific to certain masses. They may be effective for one and ineffective for others. The diet has to be individualistic. One has to identify what suits own body and regulate diet rather than following some diet program. The idea should be that diet should be controlled and regulated throughout the day. At no point of time, the diet should be over stretched for your stomach. When you feel you can have 25% more of whatever you are eating, stop. Have the meals at regular intervals. Avoid coffee, tea, soft drinks, non-vegetarian food.

All these methods are inter-dependant. You have to have an ideal combination of all of them. If followed meticulously, these ways will definitely reduce weight.