We are in the middle of the tough economic times. Things are tough all over, but the price on fuel seems to keep going up. Learning a few simple ways to save money on fuel can add to a greatly decreased expense when it comes to spending money to get where you need to go. Learn these top 5 ways to save money on fuel and at least get the most out of the gas you have to pay for.

Tires: Misaligned tires cause uneven wear. Worn-out tires cause your engine to work harder to get the same effort. Tires that are simply underinflated also cause your engine to work harder to get the same effort and speed. Simply making sure that your tires are filled to the manufacturers PSI specification and that you tires are aligned will not only increase the life of the tire (saving you money) but also ensure that the car its peak efficiency of mpg. Misaligned and/or underinflated tires can save up to 15% on fuel costs.

Air Filter: By some estimates is nearly one in three cars could use an air filter replacement. Many people do not see the need for an air filter replacement but a simple air filter replacement can increase your miles per gallon (MPG) by as much as 10%.

Tune up: A properly maintained and "tuned up" engine simply runs more efficiently keeping your car tuned up and running in top condition will certainly increase your fuel efficiency and save money on fuel.

Slow Down: It is simple fact the going faster consumes more fuel. Some experts put the amount of fuel savings as high as 8% for every 5 mi./h on highway speeds. Simply slowing down from 75 to 65 mi./h will not only save you possible ticket will also save you 15% of fuel consumption costs.

Riding the Brakes: Driving with your foot simply resting on the brake pedal should be a big no-no. Not only does it decrease the lifetime your breaks, which are not cheap to replace themselves but it also increases the gas consumption by as much as 30% depending upon how "heavy footed" you are on the brake pedal. This is certainly something should be avoided. Not riding the brake may be one of the best ways to save money on fuel.