A good list of web sites to explore first

As a beginner to the world of computers, you may be surprised to know that there are billions of web pages available to you on the Internet. There are over 346 million that reference sugar. That is either an enormous amount of information or a terrible distraction when all you want to know is the number of calories in a sugar cube. Beginners have a great deal to learn about computers in general and the Internet in particular. Luckily, you have found this Internet web page which will give you a list of 5 web sites that you simply must explore. You will likely return to these again and again.

Top 5 Web Sites For BeginnersCredit: Javrsmith

Google provides the largest Internet Search Engine. In seven years, Google has indexed more than 200 terabytes of Internet information, or 0.004% of the available Internet content. The Google Search engine tool allows you to enter a search term, (such as "Sugar"), and it tells you how many web pages contain the term. It also displays a list of relevant web pages as "Search Results". You can click on any of the displayed pages to view their content. As mentioned, there will be over 346 million search results for sugar. You can help Google find more relevant pages if you enter a more descriptive search term. For example, "How many calories in a sugar cube", returns just under 57,000 pages and the answer to the question, (25), is displayed among the search results. While the search engine usually returns lists of web pages, you can use it for other simple purposes. If you enter "$45.33 x 15%", Google will treat this as a math question and return the answer 6.7995. This is useful if you want to calculate an appropriate tip amount on a restaurant bill. You can also enter in conversion questions. Try "30 ounces" and Google will say "850.485694 grams". There are a number of other Google tools besides the search engine. Google Places, Maps and Gmail are just a few you may want to explore.

Yahoo is both a web portal and a search engine. They are a favorite of many computer beginners. While their Internet index isn't as large as Google's, they are more focused for many users. They also have a clean interface which tends to provide informational topics more easily to new computer users. A number of other tools are also available from Yahoo including Mail, Groups and games. Yahoo has been termed a "Portal", referring to the gateway that it offers to information of many kinds. It does so from a relatively easy to use initial starting page. Many other portal sites have come and gone but Yahoo has now withstood the test of time. The site is used as the home page by more Internet users than any other site. Users can access the main page and then surf to many other pages containing news, sports, shopping and much more. Over the years, Yahoo has brought many information sources into their organization. These have been designed to provide more interesting content to viewers in order to try to provide a one-stop Internet experience. If visitors stay on the site longer, they tend to increase the value of the entire Yahoo brand.

Infobarrel is an article site that contains a wealth of knowledge written by thousands of individuals. The site contents contain many pages of topics that will educate or entertain visitors. Infobarrel is one of a number of modern content platforms that give members a chance to establish their content in a professionally organized and maintained web site. There are many interactive features available to viewers such as the ability to rate content and to provide comments of their own. Since there are many categories of content within Infobarrel, there is often very useful information available for most any topic. Infobarrel operates on the premise that anyone can write a useful article on a topic of their choice. Content may be published on the site that is useful, entertaining and of sufficient quality. Like many Internet sites today, Infobarrel polices the content on their web site very seriously. Inappropriate content is blocked from publishing or is removed very quickly where it does exist. The community of members are very active and take a collaborative approach to the ideals that were used to establish Infobarrel.

The primary video site on the Internet. If you want to view a video, chances are that you will find it on Youtube. There is a search field where you describe what you want to see. Enter "Johnny Carson monologue" and start viewing fabulous archived clips from the Tonight Show. Enter "Funny puppy video" to see the hilarious antics of puppies. You can even watch current events such as video of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding. Youtube is actually owned by Google and is tightly integrated into the corporation's other search tools.

Amazon was one of the early electronic commerce stores. Originally established to sell books online, they have since branched out to sell a very wide variety of other items. The site is useful for those looking to buy nearly any item from books to computers. There are product reviews available, descriptions of features and prices. Many items are available with free shipping. Amazon is considered one of the powerhouse electronic commerce organizations in business today.

Honorable Mentions
A list of the top 5 Internet web sites for beginners is difficult to make. There are many worthy sites that could be included. Rather than create a long, exhaustive list, here are a few more sites that will be the subject of the next 5 Internet web sites for beginners. You can either investigate these sites on your own or check out the next Infobarrel article.

Wikipedia.org - the user created Internet encyclopedia
Flickr.com - the largest repository of photographs on the Internet
Pbs.org - the US public broadcasting network
eBay.com - the largest Internet auction site
Facebook.com - the largest social media site where friends stay in touch