Top 5 Wedding Shoes For Men

Best Men's Wedding Shoes: Pictures

When you think of wedding planning, you usually associate this hectic period of planning and organization with the bride. I recently got married, and the fact is men have an awful lot of planning to do too. Wedding shoes for men is an element of my outfit I didn't even consider, so I had to do my research. Mens wedding shoes, fortunately, are readily available, and we have a lot of options to choose from. Unfortunately, this degree of choice makes things a little bit difficult!

This article is designed to help you learn a bit about formal men's wedding shoes and help you make a decision. A lot of this rides on the type of suit you're wearing (if at all), and your budget and expectations. Let's get started with the top 5 wedding shoes for men.

Rockport Men's Margin Oxford,Black,11 M US
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Wedding Shoes For Men: The Classic

Formal Shoes For Men

wedding shoes for men: the classicCredit:

This type of men's wedding shoe is probably pretty familiar to you. It's what I consider the new classic, the lace-up, black leather shoe with a solid sole and a bit of a heel to it. Shoes like these are sometimes referred to as a Balmoral Oxford, especially if it has a toe cap. As wedding shoes for men go, this is sort of the go-to shoe that a lot of people will choose. 

You have few options with this one. Black is usually the color of the shoe and the laces, and you're basically left with determining the essential shape of the toe (rounded or pointed) and whether or not your shoe is shiny or has more of a 'matte' finish. 

Bates Men's High Gloss Durashocks Work Shoe
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Wedding Shoes For Men: The Wingtip

Formal Wedding Shoes

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Next in our list of wedding shoes for men is the wingtip. A wingtip is a formal shoe that has a toecap that looks like a pair of wings spread out. You've probably seen them before. This is an enduring look that's been popular for many years.

This is a highly stylized shoe, and you'll really be noticed if you wear a pair like this. Wedding shoes for men are often wingtips, and they can be in any color under the sun, with black and brown being the most common.

Allen Edmonds Men's Strand Cap Toe With Perfing,Walnut,10 D US
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Wedding Shoes For Men: The Dress Boot

Formal Wedding Shoes, Men

mens wedding shoes: dress bootsCredit:

The dress boot is a formal option for men who are looking for mens wedding shoes but want a bit more ankle support than regular shoes provide. The dress boot will be mostly hidden by your trousers, but the most important part will show. Most people won't be able to tell you're wearing a dress boot at all. For those who do, there's a certain rock star aspect about the dress boot, and it's a positive thing. It gives your outfit a bit of an attitude!

Dress boots come in all colors and styles, some with laces and some that zip up the leg. It's up to you which style you go with. Keep in mind that these can get a bit hot if you're walking a lot or dancing. They can pair nicely with skinny fit trousers. 

JD Fisk Men's Emerson Lace-Up Boot, Black Leather, 9.5 M US
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Wedding Shoes For Men: The Slip-On

Formal Men's Wedding Shoes

Mens dress shoes: the Slip OnCredit:

Slip-on dress shoes are a great option for men's wedding shoes. They are comfortable, formal looking, and readily available. You don't really need to worry about formality, as slip-on dress shoes are generally considered just about as formal as lace up shoes. The extra comfort is a nice thing when you have to wear them all day long.

You have the option of just plain dress shoes, or ones with ornamental buckles or tassels, as in the case above. All of the above will look great. 

Ecco Men's Seattle Slip-on,Black,41 EU (US Men's 7-7.5 M)
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Wedding Shoes For Men: White Buck

Formal, Colored Men's Wedding Shoes

Mens wedding shoes: white buck shoesCredit:

The white buck dress shoe is an option for those whose wedding suit isn't going to be dark. If you're having a slightly less formal, summer wedding, and your suit is light colored or seersucker, you might consider white shoes for your wedding.

As wedding shoes for men go, they are not seen as often, but that doesn't mean they are less good. In my opinion, mens wedding shoes should be more about matching the look and theme you're going for, rather than obeying style trends. 

If you want to, you can also investigate various other colors. There are many colored options for men's wedding shoes, including red, blue, grey and many others. 

David Spencer Men's Buck Oxford,White Nubuck,9.5 M US
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