There are countless superb windsurfing destinations around the world and this list is by no means definitive or indeed ideal for everyone. Therefore this article comprises the top five windsurfing destinations from around the world in my personal experience only. I am sure you have many more suggestions and if so, please add your own favorites to the comments section at the bottom of the page.

1 - Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
Fuerteventura is situated just to the west of Africa and offers strong reliable winds and pretty much all year round sun. What could be better? If you are looking for wave action, this is probably not the best location but if you want consistent wind (blowing in the right direction), relatively flat water and safe sailing locations, Fuerteventura is for you.

2. Tarifa, Spain
Tarifa has long been known as the wind capital of Europe. This is due to its location on the southernmost tip of Spain where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean. The wind in Tarifa is strong and reliable and often stronger than nearby locations making it a top spot for windsurfers. Tarifa is very much a surf town and it can seem as if every other car is carrying a windsurfing board!

3. Cape Verde
Cape Verde is situated approximately 1500kms south of the Canary Islands and Cape Verde is great for windsurfing for similar reasons as the Canaries. Strong reliable winds and a great climate. Cape Verde is perfect for a visit any time of the year although the best windsurfing is probably to be found between November and June when the wind is stronger and more consistent/reliable. One of the main benefits of Cape Verde is the wide range of conditions available - flat water for good old blasting but if wave action is your thing you will find that too!

4. Maui, Hawaii
No 'top windsurfing locations' list would be complete without at least one mention of a destination in Hawaii, the home of windsurfing. There are several windsurfing beaches on Maui but most of the windsurfing is done on the North Shore where Maui's dominant North East trade winds set up great wave sailing conditions. Summer months are best for a visit to Maui if you want reliable winds - in June/July you are pretty much guaranteed 95% of days will have at least 20mph of wind. Winter brings the biggest waves but the wind can be unreliable and often disappears for weeks at a time.

5. Bracklesham Bay, UK
This is probably the only 'best locations' list that you will find which includes either Bracklesham Bay in the not so sunny United Kingdom! There is a good reason for including Bracklesham in this list, I live there! In fact, I live right on the beach which makes it absolutely perfect for windsurfing! Prevailing south-westerly winds which can be very unreliable, gusty and lots of surfy mush but other than that, it's ideal! The sun comes out now and then and in the summer it can even be warm enough to get into the sea without a wetsuit (if you are very brave!). Have been windsurfing here for over 20 years and would recommend it over any other location in the world (but this is primarily because I only have to carry my kit 50 metres to get to the sea)!

So there you have it, my top five windsurfing destinations from around the world. As I said at the start of the article, if you have any other suggestions please add them to the comments section below and if you want to get started windsurfing, this article will set you on the way.