This time of year always seems to come around a lot quicker than expected, for me anyway. The last few leaves clinging to dead, lifeless branches means that Winter has just about set in. Fear not though! The great thing about this planet is that the sun is always shining somewhere just waiting to be lapped up by those who want it. In this article 5 different hotspots are chosen where the average temperature in the winter months (December – February) reaches highs of mid to high 70sF with not a lot of rain to go with it. Of course it’s not all about sunshine (although surely that’s an added bonus) there destinations chosen are one’s which have an abundance of things to do and see apart from lying around and sunbathing. So then, bearing in mind the small detail of having enough money and indeed time to pack up and jet off somewhere, all you have to do is take your pick from the following 5 places!



Visiting Cuba will almost certainly be a unique experience as spending time in the Communist-ran country will lead you into a lifestyle and society unlike many others. Aside from the usual holiday frolics it is in my opinion a healthy thing to experience a country with a whole different political set up like Cuba just to see how the country works and indeed how it doesn’t. The possibility for adventure in Cuba is limited which is why it is not recommended you sit around in your hotel for a week or two. For me, Havana should always be a port of call if you are visiting Cuba as the city is immensely intriguing and lively all year round.  Music is a huge part of Cuban life so a visit to jazz or salsa bar and street performances are highly recommended. Away from the city Cuba is home to ten different national parks which showcase incredible natural beauty. The Vinales Valley and the Guanahacabibes peninsula both towards the far west of the island are guaranteed to take your breath away.



Similarly to Cuba, Dubai is just one of those places that should be given a go purely for its originality. Based in the Arabian Peninsula as part of the United Arab Emirates Dubai is an emirate that owns huge amounts of riches due to abundant amounts of oil and natural resources it sits on. Not living the fine life in Dubai is almost impossible as you will be surrounded by the decadence of glittering hotels, sprawling shopping malls and fine restaurants. On top of this there is no such thing as winter when in Dubai so soaking up the rays in mid 80s heat is almost inevitable. If you fancy trying something new and unexpected Dubai no has its own state of the art skiing centre in the Mall of the Emirates.  When choosing accommodation make sure you pick the location wisely as building work in Dubai is constantly ongoing and you may get caught out.

Baja California


Perhaps the more obscure location on the list, Baja California isn’t universally thought of as a prime holiday destination. Located in the North West of Mexico, Baja California makes up the long arm of Mexico that stretches downwards separating the Gulf of California from the Pacific Ocean. These two coastal strips are littered with stunning beaches, particularly in the north of the region where the Pacific coast beaches are wide and often deserted depending on your location. A central highway runs through the spine of the region making the rustic townships, rugged landscapes and vineyards of the area within reach.  



Located in the magnificent Caribbean Sea, Dominica is one of the largest islands around the Caribbean and is known and respected for its extensive natural beauty. A trip to the island will certainly excite the more proactive holiday goers as the best way to experience Dominica is to interact with its volcanic heritage and thick forests. Getting a guide or going on a pre-organised hike or tour is the best bet to experience the island safely although the more adventurous would be persuaded to rent out a 4x4 and check out Dominica alone. The north of the island is where the best beaches can be found however, the population distribution of the island will most likely mean that tourists will be staying further away from this area. For anyone who is interested almost the whole of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films were filmed in Dominica or nearby.

The Maldives


Particularly recommended for the weeks around New Years, the Maldives flourishes around this period with the chance of little to no rain. A trip to this collection of islands is more likely to appeal to those who fancy a little peaceful escapism and relaxation. However, the pleasant warmness of the Indian Ocean should entice holiday makers to try out diving and snorkelling in the enticingly turquoise waters that surround the island. It is suggested that staying on one of the larger more populated islands is the best bet as there will be higher levels of services and things to do. Whilst a trip to The Maldives may seem like it would burn an island sized hole in your pocket, there are plenty of cheap accommodation options to be found throughout the islands.