Side ponytails, soccer shorts and leg warmers aside - the 80s were home to some seriously out there fashion trends. Here are my top 5 worst 80s fashion trend picks.


Spandex #1

 If you were lucky enough to still be in diapers or merely a thought  in the 1980's then you probably can not fathom the thought of spandex being worn outside of the gym. Let me tell you though - it was and it was bad!

80s style spandexDonned by some of the biggest 80s rock bands and popular country stars, like Dolly Parton, spandex became an everyday clothing item worn not only by women but men as well. Want to know what made it even worse? The spandex that was so "in style" was not your run of the mill black spandex pants or shorts, in many cases the spandex worn was in bright neon, pastels or yes, animal prints. Some of the pictures I've had the displeasure of  revisiting - during a recent rendezvous down memory lane - has helped make this my #1 pick for worst 80s  fashion trends.


Shoulder Pads #2

 The 80s did not mark the first appearance of shoulder pads but it definitely made them popular. Shoulder pads were more than an option for those with small shoulders they were an actual fad and one of the most memorable as far as 80s fashion trends go. These could easily be seen and found sewn into nearly every jacket and shirt available to career oriented women and later even everyday housewives. 


Parachute Pants #3

MC Hammer Parachute PantsI'm not talking the parachute pants from the 70s - you know the ones decked out with zippers worn by MJ fans and break dancers but instead the "oh boy what were we thinking" baggy styles that trended in the 80s.  I can't remember that far back but if my memory serves me right it MC Hammer we have to blame for these making as big a mark as they did on our 80s fashion statement. 


Acid-Wash Jeans #4

Serious acid wash jeans: they were hip, they were cool, they were so UGLY! We really worked those jeans though. They were worn with pride by many popular celebrities and us everyday folks just had to have them. Most of us had no doubt that this was the coolest look since jean jackets (Yeah, I went there!).


Neon...Well, Everything #5

From those trendy 80s  sneakers to accessories worn in the hair there was neon every where! I'm not sure how we all (well those of us that were around in the 80s) managed to fool ourselves into thinking this was cool but we all fell for it. Luckily today the most neon you'll find is often decorating the windows of local bars and taverns. 


A Glimpse of 80s fashion trendsPerhaps the hardest thing to comprehend about the 80s fashion trends are how they keep coming back. You would think at this point in time with the new developments in the fashion industry that we would be able to keep some of those styles buried. However, that is not the case, in the past decade alone we've witnessed a comeback (some short-lived) of many 1980's trends. 

 Some recent styles that have an 80s feel: skin-tight pants (for men), large framed sun glasses, ripped jeans, acid wash, mild forms of spandex pants, animal print, big bling and many others. Fortunately there does not seem to be any risk of the soccer shorts coming back into style any time soon.