Here you will find some of the worst foods you can put into your body. With little to no nutritional value, and loaded with fats, preservatives, and other crap, it is in your best interest to stay very far away from these foods.


 One of the most unnecessary things you can eat. Margarine is packed full of trans fat, which increases bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol. It clogs arteries and affects blood vessels and damages them. Margarine is heavily chemically altered, leaving little to no natural ingredients. To put it bluntly, margarine is fake food. 

Margarine was made to be a cheap substitute for butter. It wasn't made to be healthy or have nutritional properties. Yes you can buy margarine now that is trans fat free and other "healthier" options, but overall butter is more natural at least, and easier for your body to digest and process. Stick with real butter, not the imitation. You may have heard that old saying, "flies won't even lay their eggs in margarine."



 It's really no secret that pop isn't good for you. Everyone knows that it's loaded with sugar and calories, which all come form high-fructose corn syrup and/or refined sugars. Have you ever felt that your teeth feel gritty or unpleasant after drinking pop? Well, besides the feeling of it on your teeth, pop helps erode you teeth and enamel as well as making you much more prone to cavities. Also known as "empty calories", pop is one of the leading contributors to obesity in North America. If someone drank about two cans of pop a day, that equates to about 3lbs a month, which is about an extra 32lbs a year. 

Even if you want to go for the "healthier" option, as in diet pop, this contains aspartame, which is another chemical that is very unhealthy for your body. Do yourself a favour and just drink water. If you don't like water that much, you can always buy those MIO or Crystal Lite water enhancing squirters to give your water some flavour. Just avoid pop, or at least only drink it occasionally. 



 This one is tough, as bread is one of my favourite things to eat. Fellow Canadians like myself may hate this one, as getting a bagel from Tim Horton's may be part of your daily routine. The thing is, the majority of bagels are white, refined flour which provides zero fibre and little nutrients. Again, the phrase "empty calories" applies here. Bagels, along with any other bread product made with white, refined flour will raise and drop your blood sugar, leaving you with little energy, and also feeling hungry shortly after. They also contain that deadly word "gluten", and a lot of people nowadays are trying the gluten-free diet.

Even after knowing this, I still love eating bagels. But, there are many alternatives you can do. For one, always buy whole wheat or whole grain bagels. Even if they may not be 100% whole wheat, it's better than plain white bagels. You can also buy thin bagels now, they should be available at almost any grocery store, and they are about half the calories. You could also just try only eating one half of the bagel, cutting the calories and can eat the other half later in the day, instead of another whole bagel. Also as another alternative, try English muffins or crumpets with peanut butter. 


Frappuccinos & Other Coffee Drinks

 Here's one for all the Starbucks and all other coffee lovers out there. Starbucks fraps are delicious, but just exactly how bad are they for you? In just one medium chocolate chip frappuccino, there are over 500 calories, 19g of fat, 11g of saturated fat, 59g of sugar, and over 300mg of sodium. This means that in one 16 ounce drink, that it contains almost half your daily caloric intake, over half your saturated fat intake, and one third of your fat intake, not to mention the large amount of sugar in that thing. And that's only a medium! How many times have you seen people walking around with a large frappuccino in the summer? 

  I agree, they are very good. But, there are many choices you can do to adjust the caloric and fat intake to not make them as bad for you. Yet again, another "empty calorie" drink. I know Starbucks has many different alternatives, including: milk instead of cream, skim milk, no syrup, sugar free syrup, etc. One of the most unnecessary things you can do without is the whipped cream. Other alternatives are flavoured iced coffee made with milk, which may only have about 200 calories or less, and not nearly as much fat. You can also substitute plain milk with chocolate milk, giving it more flavour without the calories from cream. And if you aren't sure, next time you go into Starbucks or wherever you get your coffee drinks, just ask your barista for lower calorie and low fat options. 



French Fries 

 Most people know that french fries are not one of the healthiest foods out there, but continue to consume them more then ever. Anything food that is fried, even vegetables, run the risk of high trans fat levels and the potential cancer-causing substance known as acrylamide. This is also seen in potato chips, another food that is not that good for you. The polyunsaturated fats that are created when foods are fried in oil can quickly become rancid when exposed to oxygen and create a large amount of damaging free radicals in the body. 

 Again, like all very unhealthy foods, there are always alternatives. There are many types of french fries you can buy frozen in stores that will be trans fat or saturated fat free, and that should be cooked in the oven, not a deep fryer. If you plan to fry your own fries, try using coconut oil, as it is a much healthier alternative oil, and it is almost one of the safer oils to use at high temperatures. Also, I have heard of the ActiFry, which uses a very little amount of oil to cook what you would normally deep fry.