Rating Presidents on which ones were the best and which ones were the worst is always an exercise in pissing people off. Republicans and Democrats hold vastly different views. Here are the 5 worst American Presidents and I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below as to whether you agree or disagree. I did not even consider adding add current President Obama or the prior President George W. Bush because only time will tell how their administrations are viewed by history.

5. Herbert Hoover

23 Year Old Herbert HooverCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Herbert_Hoover_in_1898.jpgHerbert Hoover became President right before the Great Depression began. Herbert Hoover was a strong conservative and he stuck to his conservative values. Herbert Hoover did a lot of smart things to help the Country out of the Greta Depression including lowering taxes. He also started a lot of community works projects to help get people employed. One of the areas where President Herbert Hoover went wrong was that he refused to offer any public AID. He felt that the Government was not to hand out food and money to their citizens. Many people publicly criticized Herbert Hoover for being an uncaring person. He made some policy blunders that actually made the Great Depression worse and for this reason alone Herbert Hoover is one of the top 5 worst Presidents ever. Although he was a crappy President he did look pretty handsome when he was younger.

4. Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon had the potential to be one of the greatest Presidents ever but his name was tarnished with the Watergate scandal that he will forever be associated with. Richard Nixon lied to the American people about what he knew and when he knew it about the Watergate break-in. Richard Nixon was forced to resign. If Richard Nixon had not resigned he almost certainly would have been impeached and been forced out of office. His political support at the time was almost zero, with not even members of his own party standing by him.

Although Richard Nixon is ranked 4th on the list of worst Presidents ever, he did make a lot of positive contributions. He was also the man in charge of removing our troops from the Vietnam Conflict that had raged out of control. When Richard Nixon initially took office he ramped up the number of troops in Vietnam, but then he began removal of troops to finally put an end to this bloody conflict. Richard Nixon remains to this day one of the most well-doucmented cases of a President screwed everything up at the end.

3. William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison was the least effective President ever. During his term as President William Henry Harrison managed to do almost nothing. Nothing was done by William Henry Harrison not because he was lazy, but because he was only president for 32 days and then he died.

Many historians like to speculate that William Henry Harrison may have made a great President, but we will never know for sure because he died so soon after taking office. Maybe he should not be on this list according to some people, but I added him to the worst Presidents ever list because he was very ineffective when he was President, even though it was only 30 days. William Henry Harrison was the first President to ever die in office.

2. John Tyler

After William Henry Harrison died in office his Vice President John Tyler took over as President. As soon as he became president he did away with his party’s platform. At this point he no longer had the support of his own party or any other party. He was a political outcast. His only actual good deed done was to show that he was just as powerful and effective of a President as a President that been voted into office. He was the first to become President by ascension when the President died.

1. James Buchanan

James Buchanan(117759)Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:James_Buchanan.jpgJames Buchanan is the worst President ever. James Buchanan said publicly that he was against slavery but admitted that slavery was needed. Although James Buchanan and his staff stated they were against slavery they never did anything to help stop the spread of slavery.

After Lincoln was elected and before he took office many States had threatened to leave the Union. James Buchanan never did a single thing to help keep the Union together. Although Abe Lincoln gets the blame for being the President during the Civil War the tide of secessionist States began under James Buchanan remaining time as President. For not attempting to keep the Union together James Buchanan is the worst President ever. James Buchanan said that he could not act against the States threatening to leave the Union because the Constitution would not allow him to.

James Buchanan was the only president to be a bachelor for his entire life. James Buchanan is not near as famous as the President who came after him, Abraham Lincoln. Although James Buchanan was once engaged to a lady, she died and they were never married. James Buchanan did live with Alabama Senator William Rudus King for 15 years before James Buchanan became president. It is often rumored, and with a lot of evidence that it is true, that James Buchanan was gay.

People still debate whether James Buchanan failed to act on States who threatened Secession because he simply did not want to get involved or he did not have the ability to intervene. Regardless of which reason is correct, the historians do agree that James Buchanan failed to act with Secession threats. Regardless of why James Buchanan failed to act, the Civil War could have potentially been stopped from ever occurring if James Buchanan had got up from behind his desk and went to meet some people and try to reach some favorable negotiations to keep the union intact. A lot of the reasons that the Civil War broke out can be directly attributed to James Buchanan failing to act when State initially threatened to leave the Union.