Top 5 Worst Witches In Film
Credit: Ambernectar 13 (cc)

"I'll get you my pretty!"

Those famous words of the archetypally disgruntled fifth-place winner intent on a day in the sun - even if it means melting in the rain - are hollow, but the first witch to screech them meant it. She's a leader among villains. She and her progeny of sorts can be found among some of the most vile to imprint celluloid. The top 5 worst movie witches have yet to be outdone.


1. The Grand High Witch of "The Witches": The Grand High Witch never tired of the annual conventions so long as it meant less children roaming the earth, but her minion witches were daft and slow to get the job done. If they were smarter, she might not have ended up in a rat's body: sliced in two by the hotel kitchen staff's meat cleaver. She was so close to cleansing the world of child pestilence. It was her year! Witches of her ferocity are doomed to battle far more logistical issues than their austere demeanors let on.
2. The White Witch of "Chronicles of Narnia": Jadis earns her place in the dried-up hearts club for her shrewd, maniacal, and tenaciously-clawed grip on other people's property. After sucking the life out of Charn, she posed as a Daughter of Eve to get keys to Narnian deep magic and hijack the throne. Securing her position took some work. Getting the land's inhabitants off her back called for a fear campaign that turned alot of traitors to stone during the endless magical winter that followed. She even blew some dust off the old recipe book and added a few hacks to perfect hypnotic treats for any true heirs of the Narnian throne daring to reclaim it.
3. Nancy Downs from "The Craft": Fairuza Balk strayed a long way from the disheveled "worst witch," Mildred Hubble, of her childhood years, for this maniacal role. What started out as the usual teenage curiosity grew into something monstrous when her character Nancy realized she possessed full-on cauldron-bubbling talents.The resulting craziness reached her eyes and aura with just enough intensity to inspire fellow students to try another hall.

4. The Wicked Witch Of The West from "The Wizard of Oz": This mean, crotchety shoe-thief waged a hell of a war over her desired territory, but she was hard-pressed to overcome the death a few drops of water would later bring her. Green-skinned with envy, she did Dorothy's band of misfits no favors along the yellow brick road. Whatever her motives, the witch of the west's wickedness is legend.
5. Bellatrix Lestrange of the "Harry Potter" films: The drama hungry cousin of Harry's beloved Sirius, Bellatrix, is unquestionably deranged, blood-thirsty and in the game of evil for the "fun" of it. You want to like her, but you'd be unlikely to avoid the point of her wand if you're not of allegiance to that weakly drawn, exaggerated member of the nearly dead whose lame desire is magikal world domination.