Whether you want to blame it on the game designers or the young masses that want instant gratification it has become harder and harder to find video games with solid replay value. But that doesn't mean we need to give up and run out every couple weeks spending good money for online games that will lose their luster in a matter of weeks. There are still solid entertainment series out there that pay for themselves over time and will always remain in your collection.

Map of Skyrim from Elder Scrolls VCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

Let me just say up front that I was never a fan of the Elder Scrolls series before trying out Skyrim but this game is absolutely amazing folks. I don't see how you can make a list of the top xbox games with the most replay value without mentioning this title.

It really has something for everybody with countless character builds and areas of focus. I am currently on my third character and each time has given me different goals and areas to play compared to the last time. If you want to build an elf who is good with a bow and magic then there is that option. Whereas somebody else might want to just go with a normal human and have them be an incredible warrior in hand-to-hand combat. But then you can even get crazy and create an animal creature and have them be an evil thief.

You will be hard pressed to find many games on any platform that will be worth your money more than this one in my opinion. The game itself has so many quests that even with a single character it will likely take you weeks to beat the game. Now imagine if you actually want to explore all the different options.

 Red Dead Redemption

This was the game that I always wanted growing up as a child. My father raised me on the culture of the Old West and there were few games that let you relive that era. Well not only did they come out with a series that captured that whole genre but they also created one with more replay value than most games on the market.

This title allows you to pretty much take the reigns in the Southwest United States and control your own destiny. There are parts of the game where you are an outlaw and then other parts where you are essentially a lawman or working for the military. As expected you get into the occasional shootouts with bandits. But maybe more unexpected is that you can hunt and help out civilians when they need it the most.

 Resident Evil 5

This may be a biased pick due to the fact that Resident Evil is perhaps my favorite game series of all-time. But I do feel that Resident Evil 5 belongs on the list of top Xbox games with the most replay value. Sadly I say that because the more recent entries into the series have been subpar in my opinion.

Resident Evil 5 stands out above the others because of the multi-player function which allows you to team up with your friends and run through the game. But maybe even more so because of the Mercenaries feature that allows fans of the series to just arm up and jump right into blasting waves of zombies. The storyline maybe isn't for everybody but Mercenaries drops you right into the action. It dares you to see how long you can survive against waves of bad guys while conserving ammo and trying to rack up points.


 Grand Theft Auto IV

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to people who regularly follow the video gaming industry. The Grand Theft Auto series has been one of the best selling on the modern consoles of today. This entry kept up that reputation and earned its place on my list of Xbox games with the most replay value.

This game pretty much puts you in the shoes of a seedy individual in the big city surrounded by crime and violence. It is a guilty pleasure that allows gamers to do things that they would only dream about in the real world. Just imagine activities such as stealing cars and money, dealing with druglords and even picking up hookers. Those things are hopefully off the table to most of us in real life but very possible on Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Mass Effect Series

If you have yet to play any of the Mass Effect trilogy of games then start off with the original and play all 3 of the titles. They give you so many options that impact the course of the game that a person could go through multiple times and end up with different results. I think that is something that goes a long way when determining Xbox games with the most replay value.

Something extra that gives the Mass Effect series another feather in its cap is that it appeals evenly to both males and females. I know on a personal level that my girlfriend got into this game more so than myself and that is a rare feat. I highly recommend checking out the Mass Effect games especially if you are into appealing interactive storylines.