E3 had a lot of great announcements this year, and Microsoft had a great showing at the conference. The tech giant showcased a large number of exclusives for the Xbox-One, displaying Microsoft's sincere desire to stay on top of the console world by providing gamers with what they want the most, high quality entertaining games that stand the test of time. This roster of digital entertainment should have most gamers salivating at the mere mention of their names, and the best part about this list of games? They will all be out by Christmas time this year. So start dropping hints now, and maybe Santa will pay you a visit with some killer games.

Ryse: Son of Rome

This jaw dropping exclusive to the Xbox is a new IP from Crytek creators of the visually impressive Crysis games. The game appears to take place during the invasion of Briton and has you conquering and fighting the Brits. The game is considered alternate history, but uses many historical places and equipment from the era. It’s a spectacle fighter with a surprising and Ryse Son of RomeCredit: www.hdwallpapers.in welcome twist. You are a legionnaire general commanding a group of roman soldiers. This inclusion of squad based combat in a spectacle fighter is a welcome breath of fresh air in a stagnating genre. The graphics look stellar and its voice acting appears to be well written and performed. This game looks like its going to suck people in and won't let go of them until the very end. With an expected release of November of 2013 there should be plenty of time for Santa to pick it up for you.

Dead Rising 3

A classic series making its exclusive launch debut on the new Xbox. Dead rising 3 is looking like its going to be biggest and the “baddest” in the series yet. Featuring a larger open world to explore, and tons of weapons to find and craft, Dead rising 3 is a zombie game that marches to Dead Rising 3Credit: en.wikipedia.orgthe beat of a different drummer. You play as a mechanic caught in a small town in California where you will complete missions and survive the zombie apocalypse. The game will feature use of the Kinect and Xbox smart glass to truly immerse you into the world of Dead Rising 3. A truly unique experience, each game in the series feels rich and detailed, and most importantly they feel immensely fun. Dead Rising 3 is looking to be the best experience yet in the series and you would be foolish to miss it. It’s slated to drop in November, so check it out you won't be disappointed.

Forza Motorsport 5

Forza has been launching titles on Microsoft consoles for a while now and the long lasting relationship is returning with the launch of the Xbox. Forza is a racing game that is well known for its realistic driving mechanics, its stunning visuals, and its stellar game play. Forza's developers, turn 10 studios, is having vista return in this installment. Vista mode is going toForza Motorsport 5Credit: en.wikipedia.org feature more cars and higher graphical fidelity than previous games, which should please fans of the series. There is a reason that Forza is one of the bigger names in racing games to date. The game is going to features new cars and for the first time in the franchises history open wheel vehicles that you will be able to take around brand new circuits those drivers have yet to conquer. Forza Motorsport 5 is expected to come this fall, so get your race helmets on, so you can spend this Christmas in the fast lane.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is a brand new IP from Ubisoft Montreal, a studio that has been responsible for such great games like Far Cry 3, and the Assassins Creed Series. Watch dogs is a free roaming Watch DogsCredit: shop.ubi.comshooter where you play as a vigilante who uses hacking to manipulate various elements of the city of Chicago that are tied together via a city wide operating system that helps maintain its various services. The hacking isn't just limited to municipalities and its infrastructure however. Personal information can be gathered by the player about local citizens and can be used as you see fit. Whether that entails hacking someone’s bank account for some quick cash, or following another person as they are likely to be the victim of a yet to be perpetrated crime, its all up to you how you utilize the immense power of the information that you have access to. The game is being released globally for the Xbox in the winter of 2013. Maybe if you write Santa an email, he might just pay you a visit  

Call of Duty Ghosts

The next installment of Infinity Ward's powerhouse Call of Duty is coming around the pike for the Xbox in November of this year. Ghosts is set in America after an extremely turbulent event causes America to fall from glory. Ten years after the event, a new threat has emerged in America, causing the various branches of the special services to contribute men and resources to a new branch of the Armed Services, called the Ghosts. Call of DutyCredit: www.charlieintel.comThese Ghosts are tasked with keeping America safe from this new enemy. The game seems to be more focused on stealth game play. The player is outfitted with all sorts of tactical gear, including silencers for their guns. The game also features squad based game play that utilizes a trained K9 unit, a first for the series. Call of Duty Ghosts looks like its going to live up to its predecessors in terms of quality and sheer amount of fun. This is one you are not going to want to miss. 

These are some of the best games that are coming out this year and just in time for Christmas! The new Xbox is going to have an extremely varied release line up that should have any type of gamer satisfied this holiday season. So, if you have that special someone in mind this Christmas, or perhaps you are the gamer who should already be dropping hints, make sure that you let Santa know and your Christmas should be a very merry one indeed.