5. Squidoo. This article writing site has a lot of visitors per day and the earnings are pretty high per article, but you have to really put a lot of time into each article or it won't receive any views. It's also got a high PR ranking but it's an older site so it's hard to say where the upside is from here.

4. Articlebase. This site is getting bigger but still has a way to go before it's ranked number one. The site layout is a bit flawed and the name isn't catchy enough to bring back regular users.However, It does have a good amount of new visitors.

3. Ezinearticles. This is a good article writing site because of the simple layout and large traffic numbers. This site makes it a bit harder to write new articles because all the titles are taken. If you want to get on the "ground floor" of a site, this won't be your site with so little original titles left.

2. Suite101. This site has a large audience of new visitors, but it's been around for a while, so it's hard to see the upside but the site earnings per click are up and the layout is very nice. It has a lot of new visitors and a catchy name that can keep returning visitors from forgetting the name.

1. Infobarrel. You may think that I'm biased for placing Infobarrel at number 1, but this is completely false. The reason I placed Infobarrel at the top is simple. This site is still in it's relative infancy and has a lot of room to grow, which makes it easier to come up with original titles. The site layout is amazing and it has a catchy name that's difficult for new visitors to forget. The traffic chart indicates that Infobarrel is growing by leaps and bounds. The last thing I will say about Infobarrel is it's owners, you may wonder why having a great owner is a positive thing for a article site, but when you've spent most of your life writing articles for a site like eHow and they end up offering you a "buyout" for one tenth of what you would have made, it's good to know that the Infobarrel owner is honest, loves Infobarrel and has every intention of growing Infobarrel. To join, click here.