eHow was once one of the leaders in online publishing for freelance writers. Now it’s nothing but a shell of its former self. Worse, it has not only closed itself to freelance writers, but it has cheated its writers at every possible turn. For more than two years now the eHow freelance writers have been taken for a ride that resembles a train wreck. EHow runs scam after scam to milk as much from the writers as possible while discarding them. 

Exciting News! eHow UK Scam!

The dreaded ‘exciting news’ line is rather like foreshadowing. As soon as this is said something bashes the freelance at home writers right in the face. When the eHow UK was announced it turned into one big eHow scam to duplicate user revenue share content and not pay anyone for it. For months eHow staff insisted that no such thing was happening before finally giving in and paying us for the misappropriation of our articles over the course of 6 months. Article libraries in the hundreds, that made $100+ every month were compensated with $50 at most. Most were given simple change and told to go on. 

We're Closing the WCP!

After months of straight-forward questions about whether the Writer’s Competition Program was going to be closed and being told by staff, “The WCP will not be closing now or anytime in the future.” Just a month after all this petting and stroking following the eHow UK fallout, it was announced that the WCP would be closed. All content needed written straight through Demand Media from now on. This wouldn’t have been so bad had it not been for the repeated lies the staff were feeding us to keep us from jumping ship with our content.  

More Exciting News! Login With Facebook Only!

For those who hate Facebook, get ready to lose your login with eHow. Of course, they claimed this was going to happen in February, along with the forum closing mentioned below, and everything is still running in March, so maybe they realized what a ridiculous idea this really was. 

I Can't Take the Excitement! Closing the Forums!

Do you wish your customers and employees would just shut the heck up? Well, the beauty of running an online content farm is you can MAKE them shut up! Just remove the forum and any ability for people to contact one another on a regular basis and you have cut off the largest lines of communication. Without the forums the problem with the eHow UK scam never would have been brought to light. And this is probably the exact reason eHow wants those forums to go away. Without communication, the writers will just take whatever abuse eHow dishes out to them. 

And the Sweeps Aren't Over Yet!

With the closing of the WCP, the inability to change article titles and the last sweeps at the end of the WCP you would expect it to all be over. There just isn’t one more eHow scam they could pull, right? Wrong. Not only are they sweeping for quality control reasons, but they are now removing any content with duplicate titles, mostly in favor of their Demand Studios flat-fee content. Maybe they planned to have the forums closed by the time they did this, because they didn’t send e-mails about the deletions even happening until a day after the fallout in the forum. 

The End to End All, but it's Still Exciting!

This is number six (sue me, I'm a writer, not a mathematician), but it's you're one to grow on.

After months of telling WCP participants that their articles would remain on the site and continue to collect residuals as before, eHow suddenly sends a letter saying all WCP articles are now being removed. A few received a generous ‘severance package’ for a flat-fee, but others were just thrown to the side. Guess there’s not a scam left to pull anymore.