What is the most expensive Magic: The Gathering card? Magic: The Gathering is the first trading card game. With million of followers, Magic: The Gathering have continues to improve through the years in-order to maintains their popularity against other recent card games (yugioh, pokemon…etc). With thousand of cards in circulation, these cards below are some of the most expensive and rarest Magic: The Gathering cards.

1) Black Lotus Apha Edition: This card was released in two limited set, Alpha and Beta. Alpha being the rarer of the two released only 1.1 million cards and has been known to sell for 15,000 dollars. Currently on Ebay, it has an asking price of 100,000 dollars.  

2) Ancestral Recall: An extremely rare and powerful card. Ancertral Recall allows the  player to draw 3 cards or forces the opponent to draw 3 cards. Being one of the first magic card printed, Ancestral Recall is one of the oldest and rarest magic cards. Currently on Ebay, it has an asking price for 9000 dollars.

3) Splendid Genesis: This is one of the rarest magic cards created. To celebrated the birth of Richard Garfield first child, he made 110 copies of this card and handed them to his closest friends and “best” employees. Currently on Ebay, this card has an asking price of 8000 dollars. 

4) Time Twister: Time Twister is a powerful magic card but extremely difficult to use correctly in an game.  This card force each players to shuffle their hand, graveyard, and library together and then draw a new set of cards. If use correctly, it can turn a disadvantage situation to a winning situation. This is one of the first magic cards made and is extremely rare. It currently has an asking price of 7888 dollars and has 1 offer already.

5) Mox Cards: The five mox cards consists of Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, Mox Ruby, Mox Emerald, and Mox Pearl. These cards can adds mana and allows powerful play early in the game. These cards are worth roughly 5000 dollars a piece.