Picture this: You are out in a bar, with your mates, and your drink. You’re scouring the crowd and you found a girl that looks cute. You’re interested. After a few shots of drinks, you finally muster up the courage and you approach her. But when you do approach her, you get a look from her that reeks of disapproval – “here comes another one”, and you get blown off before you opened your mouth.

This happens often in a typical night scene. And men often get very frustrated over this, but not to worry. Because, believe it or not, you can meet women in places where you least expect, other than a bar or club.

My top 5 places to meet women other than a bar or club:

1. Coffee Shops

This may sound strange, but hear me out. People go to coffee shops to relax and have their coffee. Everybody is going about their business. This is the kind of place where women would least expect to be hit on and usually women have their guards down. Because – let’s face it. Who picks up girls in a coffee shop? When you approach a woman in low-key places like coffee shop (especially in the day time), it fills an aura of romantic presence. Like a girl is being swept off her feet, when prince charming comes riding his horse. Women tend be quite friendly and have her guards down during the day time. So if you approach them in a coffee shop - they don’t mind having a conversation with you, as long as you keep it interesting. Why? Well because they are obviously bored. Therefore you could be that ‘prince charming’ and make her day. Who knows what it could lead to…?

2. The Mall

The mall can surprising provide a lot of opportunities to meet women. And NO I’m not talking about the sales associates. That’s cliché. And they probably have been hit on so many times during their work hour that they are frustrated. So sales associates are a NO-NO. However, the women who go shopping are a different story.

One caveat

You have to present yourself in a way that doesn’t come off too strong and forward. One amazing way to approach a woman would be to ask an indirect question involving a context. Here is an example, you see a beautiful girl in a clothing store, you approach her saying, “Excuse me, can I tell you something?.... You have an amazing sense of style, and I am a bit lost because my sister’s birthday is coming up next week and I don’t know what to buy her. Could I have your opinion on what top would be best for my sister?” If she replies by, “Sure… bla bla” or “How old is your sister?” Then you’re in.

3. The streets in daytime

Streets provide an endless stream of women. If I had to choose the best place to meet women – it would be the streets. You’re probably thinking, “Hey isn’t it creepy to approach women in the daytime?”, “What if they are busy attending to some important chore or something?” Well then let me tell you that these thoughts are just negative mindsets. If you approach a woman, confidently stop her, introduce yourself, and exude your masculine presence, she will be more than willing to stay and chat with you. A great way to start a conversation with a woman in street is to give a genuine, specific compliment, something that you noticed about her (could be her beautiful eyes, her sense of style, or how graceful her walk is) and then introduce yourself. And then lead the conversation from there.

4. Special interest classes

Taking up a course or classes that reflect your special interest like cooking, yoga, language, dancing, or self improvement can be amazing because you filter out single women who have common interest with you. High quality women are always growing their knowledge and keep busy. If you want to attract high quality women who share the same interests as you, then check up on some courses that are available in your local area.

5. The park

Tons of beautiful women, on their tights, go for a run and many people in general, go to a park to relax and chill. You can find plenty of opportunities to meet women. If you have a dog, then take her out for a walk. Sometimes girls will walk by and say something cute abou the dog to start a conversation with you. It works like a charm!  


Guy checking out girl

Guy checking out a girl