The tantalizing fragrances are able to be worn anytime, anywhere, any place. Created with romance in mind, the top 5 perfumes are fragrances that bring out the feminine side of a woman. Polling over a hundred women, these warm subtle perfumes are warm and inviting for the mature woman. If you don't already own them, they are a wonderful addition to your growing collection. 


1. Burberry Touch: A very romantic and light fragrance laced with lily of the valley, roses, raspberries, cedar wood, peaches , vanilla and other subtle blends. Dabble it on your wrists and behind the ear. Burberry touch will last all day long. 

2. Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana: A refreshing fragrance for the classic woman. Created with bluebells and apples with a delicious soft musk fragrance. Light blue is a top perfume with a delicate and subtle scent. 

3. Kim Kardashian: If you love gardenia, tuberose and sandalwood,  the sensual fragrance of Kim Kardashians perfume is breathtaking. With a hidden essence of honeysuckle, vanilla orchid and sandalwood this is number three on the popularity list. Not only do many love the bottle; but the fragrance is amazing. 

4. Issey Miyake L Eau D Issey: A beautiful floral fragrance for all seasons. If you are a romantic woman who enjoys the fresh aroma of flowers on a summer day, Issey Miyake is  top of the line. 

5. Versace 'Versus' Perfume:  A delicious blend of orange blossom, rose, amber, iris and a subtle hint of musk. The fragrance is the top perfume for summer 2012. A very light perfume that is worn anytime, any place, anywhere. 

Thousands of delightful fragrances are on the market today; but the top 5 needs to be added in every woman's boudoir. You can wear them on a special occasion, night on the town, or at the office. All of the perfumes are very subtle to the senses and will last all day. 

How to apply: With perfume dabble just a little behind the wrist, behind your calves, lobe of your ear and shoulder bone. Do not spray perfume from head to toe, or you will smell like you bathed in perfume. The aroma of any fragrance is overwhelming if not used in moderation.