Are you about to spend a weekend or are you just curious to see what this wonderful city has to offer? Below you'll find 5 great tips what to do when visiting Chicago.

5. Visit a sporting event

The Bears are Chicago's AFL team who play at Soldier field. Their games are great and the atmosphere rocks. Because the matches are played in an open stadium during winter, make sure to dress warm!

If you're more into basketball go see a Bulls game. After saying goodbye to superstar Michael Jordan they had a few difficult years. The current team is doing better again and has the quality to play an important role in the play-offs the next few years.

Baseball fans can choose between the beloved Cubs and the White Sox. The Cubs play at Wrigley Field which is a historic baseball temple. The White Sox have been more successful in recent years and won the World Series back in 2005.

Even when you're not a hockey fan visiting the Blackhawks is a must! Their games are a combination of entertainment and great sportsmanship. They won the Stanley Cup in 2010.

4. Enjoy the city center and a great view

The Magnificent Mile is the place to do some shopping. The wide variety of brands and malls on Michigan Avenue will serve anyones taste. The “Mag Mile” runs from the Chicago river to Oak Street.

Besides keeping both feet on the ground it is recommended to visit the Willis Tower or the Hancock observatory. The view is spectacular and both have a nice bar and restaurant.

3. Relax at the beach or in the park

 On a warm spring or summer day beaches at Lake Michigan are enjoyably crowded and offer a nice cool breeze. There are over 30+ beaches which all have their own atmosphere.

Chicago offers a wide variety of parks. Ranging from the more touristy Millennium park to the family friendly Lincoln Park. The last one offers great spots for picnicking. Next to that, there is a free zoo nearby! Definitely worth a visit if you're bringing kids or want to hang out with your loved one.

2. Go cultural

The Art Institute of Chicago gives you the possibility to view a lot of master pieces ranging from Picasso to Renoir. It is the second-largest art museum in the US and is a great experience.

Take a boat tour on the Chicago river. This boat tour will give you a fresh look at the city while looking at it from a different perspective. Even Chicagoans learn new things about their city when taking the tour. There are many different boat tours available. My personal choice is the architectural boat tour when friends visit from out-of-state.

1. Enjoy food and drinks

My final recommendation; go out for drinks and a good meal. There are a lot of quality bars and restaurants around. A Chicago hot dog is a good afternoon snack but this city has much more to offer. Ranging from fine dinning to up-scale cocktail bars.

After dinner, don't forget to check-out the nightlife. There are lots of cool places to meet other people. Local bars are fine and offer a wide variety of beers and music. If you like to hang out with the rich and famous have a look at the metromix website to see what's currently hot.

What was the nicest thing you have done when visiting Chicago? Feel free to add more tips in the comment section.



Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline(100830)Credit: own materialCredit: own material