Why should I improve my rock climbing skills?

Rock climbing is a super fun sport that you can get out and do on the weekends with your friends.

If you are looking to improve your skills or just looking for a few quick tips to help you get up that stubborn route there is something here for you.

Whether you are doing it for fun, competition, or just as a way to get a quick adrenaline fix here is 5 ways to improve your skill so you can go out have more fun and climb bigger.

#1 Trust your legs!

Your legs can help you in many ways while climbing, for stability, endurance, and power. With the help of your legs you can keep your arms fresh and ready to climb longer routes and more of a variety of routes. This will help you by exposing you to many different routes that have different challenges within a similar climbing range.

Having stability on the rock is sometimes thought of as nonexistent for beginners and can be over looked by seasoned climbers looking to send a route. By looking in advance and remembering where foot holds are as you climb you can increase your chances of cleanly completing the route or “sending” it.

One of my favorite things to try when I’m stuck on a problem is to get my legs as high as I can and use the power in my legs and lower body to propel my weight up the rock. At first this was a struggle for me because I’m not the most flexible person in the world.  Although this technique maybe not what the pro’s do, I have found it to be helpful when I am stuck on a problem that I can’t quite figure out. Next time you get stuck give it a try see what happens! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned climber using your legs will take you climbing to the next level.


#2 Your Hips don't Lie!

Keep your hips close to the wall/ rock. It is amazing the number of times I felt like I was going to fall when I first started climbing, and then there was the number of times I fell. But one of the first times I was out climbing a friend was listing off a ton of tips and tricks to better climbing, and our other friend suggested I just try shifting my hips toward the wall and see how that felt. I tried this with reluctance at first but realized that it helped me control my balance so much. To this day I have to constantly remind myself to check and see if my hips need to be shifted.

#3 Down Climbing

Down climbing is another great way to improve your hand and foot placement. By down climbing you get the best of both worlds. You engage you brain in a different way so it thinks that this is a whole new route, and you also put much less physical stress on your body so that you won’t get pumped out as fast.

#4 Yoga?

Flexibility is a big part of rock climbing and how well you can do it. By simply stretching before and after you work out or climb you can significantly increase you flexibility and add to you climbing game. If you really want to up your game there is this awesome thing called yoga for climbers. Even if you don’t want to do yoga everyday incorporating some yoga into your workout routine could really benefit you for climbing and other aspects of your life. 

#5 Get out and Go Climb!

This is the most important tip if you want to dramatically improve in climbing you have to go do it. This leads back to the exposure I was talking about earlier, the more you climb and different routes you are exposed to the better you become. Whether it is getting out and climbing on rock (my personal favorite) or going to a gym and climbing indoors, you need to start and continue to climb a lot. I have even heard about climbers building rock walls in their garages and basements to have 24 hr access!  So go on and go have fun climbing!