For decades, highway and transportation authorities have required vehicle drivers to wear seatbelts all the time. However, many motorists still fail to buckle up even if several seatbelt laws have already been implemented in certain states. And despite the large number of fatalities resulting from vehicle crashes, it seems they are not troubled at all.

The following are some of the common misconceptions of drivers who do not wear seatbelts:

  1. "I'm just going to the store." According to statistics, most car accidents happen within 25 miles from home. Drivers should wear seatbelts for both short and long trips.

  2. "I'm sure that I will not be involved in an accident. I'm a safe driver." This is one of the most popular excuses of all time. Let us assume that a driver is indeed a safe driver, but what if a bad driver hits him? There is nothing he can do to prevent that from happening, so it is still better to be safe than rely on driving abilities.

  3. "If ever I get into an accident, I'll just prepare myself for it." No one is ever prepared in an accident. A driver cannot restrain himself from hitting the interior of his vehicle, or being thrown out of the windshield, unless he has a seatbelt, an airbag, or both.

  4. "The seatbelt would only limit my movements in a car accident." It is better to be inside the car in an accident than be thrown out from it. And because the seatbelt would prevent the driver from hitting anything to knock him out, he would be conscious and able to get out of the car.

  5. "I don't feel comfortable when I'm wearing a seatbelt." This is the most annoying alibi of drivers. All modern seatbelts are adjustable and can accommodate to a wide variety of body types and sizes.

  6. "I already have an airbag." Why would I need two safety devices in my car?" If a driver really wants to be safe, he would use all available options he has to avoid danger, expenses, and injuries.

Seatbelts are important in every car to avoid "second collisions", also known as the "human collision." One example of this collision is a driver who hits the steering wheel or the windshield because of the sudden stop of his vehicle. Some confident drivers, however, claim they can brace themselves and avoid hitting anything inside their vehicle, which is not possible.

Whether you believe it or not, seatbelts are indeed important to car drivers and passengers. If they were not useful, they would not have been invented in the first place.