The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated with fun and fervor in all parts of the world. An integral part of the celebrations of this festive season consists of Christmas decorations. People start with the arrangements ahead of this festival with great enthusiasm. Kids eagerly wait for this festival throughout the whole year and they are the ones who want to actively take part in the decorations of their homes. So instead of going and buying out readymade decorations, it is best to have the ornamentations at your home itself. Many Christmas decorating ideas are there which will require the active participation of the kids.

Top 6 handcrafted decoration ideas for kids

Felt Christmas Tree

X-mas tree is an important part of this occasion. So what is better than to create a tree decoration. This can be done by your kids with the help of a cookie cutter. Cut the shape of X-mas tree from felt and punch several holes on that. Next use glue to stick plastic beads and cover the holes. When hanged from windows, they can make good decorations

Gumdrop ornaments

Children love candies and gumdrop ornaments in fact cane candies are one of the favorite Christmas decoration options for children. Use Styrofoam balls and glue colorful candies on it. Make a hole in the ball from where you can hang a ribbon to create the ornaments. You can use red or green ribbons and hang them on trees.

Gift wraps

Gift ornaments can be created with the use of Legos. Just build up the blocks and tie it up with a colorful ribbon. You can gift it to other kids as well.


Chimes are also another important part of Yuletide. You can use plastic cups and make chimes with them. Create a hole in the cups, invert them and add small bells with ribbons tied to them. Then add glue around the cups and wrap them up with tinsel garlands. When dry, hang them and listen to the jingle they make.

Clay Ornaments

With dry clay, your kid can make ornaments which represent the entire family. On dry clay, gingerbread cookie cutters can be used to create figures of different size. Your kids can decorate it with puffy paints, rhinestones and sequins to create faces.

Gumdrop Snowflakes

Creating snowflakes with gumdrops is really easy. With six toothpicks and one large and several small gumdrops this snowflake can be created. Attach the six toothpicks in the large gumdrop and arrange the smaller ones on the toothpicks to give the shape of snowflakes. Kids will love creating as well as eating it later.

With these Christmas decorations up your sleeve, this festive season let your kids decorate your homes as they wish. Give them the freedom and ideas and see how their creativity flourishes. You will be surprised to see the talents of these little elves in your house. So have fun and relax this Yule with your kids taking up the decoration duties.