When dating, sometimes we get so caught up in "how he looks like", "how much money he has", the physical attraction and so forth, that we forget the long-term qualities we need in men to maintain a relationship beyond the initial state of lust.

These are the top six qualities you should be looking for in a man:

1. Honesty

A man who holds the truth everywhere he goes is definitely someone who deserves to be looked at. You want someone who is not only honest with you, but honest with others as well. If you are with the guy and he blatantly lies to family members and friends in front of you, he will probably lie to you too. So make him understand that you do not like him to lie, not even to other people, because it's a bad habit. Remember that love and truth go together, always.

2. Dedication

Dedication is sign that he is committed to his goals. If he is dedicated to his work, dedicated to his friends, or even dedicated to his favorite sports team or TV show, this means that when the time comes, he may be able to show the same dedication and commitment to you.

3. The family bond

Men that have a family oriented life are most likely to be open to the idea of getting married, having children and create a family on their own because they truly value the significance of this bond.

4. Responsibility

You want someone who has stable goals, someone whose saving account keeps growing over time because he thinks in the future. Remember that a man who is responsible with his life is capable of being responsible to those around himself.

5. Sense of humor

This is probably one of the most important qualities of men that you should be looking for. We all need someone in our lives to make us laugh. He does not have to be a comedian or a clown, just someone who can make you feel relaxed and make you smile. Humor also creates a great bond between you two.

6. Trustful

Having someone you can trust in all situations makes all the difference. You need to feel secure and you need to know he will be there when you are in need.

Each woman has their own set of different qualities that they look for in men, so it comes down to what you want and what you are looking for. You may not be ready to get married, or maybe you're not even ready for a long-term relationship, but knowing qualities you would like in a man will help you find the right person.