Top 6 Secrets About How to Buy a Woman

When you first saw the title of this article you probably thought of human trafficking or buying a sex slave. Well, that is not what this article is about. You will learn the top 6 secrets about how to buy a woman. You are not going to own the woman you are going to buy with this secret but you will learn one or two secrets about how to buy a woman.

Secret 1 about How to Buy a Woman

Food: If you fancy a woman and she agrees to go out with you, that is a good thing. How do you buy a woman with food? You don't buy a woman with food by taking her to McDonalds, not unless she is addicted to BigMacs and French fries. You can buy a woman with food buy inviting her to your house or apartment and cooking for her. You don't have to be a great cook either to impress her. All you have to do is show that you have gone to great lengths to win her over. If you really want to buy a woman with food, don't be too cheesy with things like candles and other predictable setting. Try to be original and make sure that the evening is funny and enjoyable for her.

Secret 2 about How to Buy a Woman

Cars: Women don't generally like to walk. If you have a comfortable car and you decide to take your girl for a ride along some scenic routes, you will be going places. Cars can help you buy a woman. How many women will rather have their husband or boyfriend come and pick them up from work in a nice fancy car? There is nothing like opening the doors of your car to help your girl in. You will never get the same level of attention if you had to take the bus or metro.

Secret 3 about How to Buy a Woman

Holidays: How many women will refuse a nice all expense paid holiday in a 5 star hotel in Paris? If you want to buy a woman with holidays, all you have to say is the following: "Baby, it will be my honor if you accept this humble offer of mine for 2 weeks all expense paid holiday with me in Paris." How many women will refuse that? It is true that money cannot buy you love but you can buy a woman if you can afford to pay for it.

Secret 4 about How to Buy a Woman

Singing: Have you noticed how women will go wild when artist like Teddy Pendergrass, Barry White and Bon Jovi sing? If you can sing and adapt the words of a lovely song just for your girl, you will be making someone very happy. You don't even have to be a good singer in order to be able to buy a woman. Just close your eyes and let rip. Sing your hearts out and pretend there is no tomorrow. If she is still there by the time you open your eyes, you know you've made your point.

Secret 5 about How to Buy a Woman

Designer Wears: A lot of women will lie and say that designer bags, shoes and accessories are a rip off. If you want to buy a woman with designer wears, you can take her to Paris and let her shop at Louis Vuitton. The next Monday when she wears her $800 pair of shoes to work, you know she will be talking about you. What if she doesn't work? You've got nothing to worry about, she will probably go shopping at Wal-Mart wearing the Louis Vuitton Shoes and carrying her Louis Vuitton Bag.

Secret 6 about How to Buy a Woman

Money: Well money is not everything. That is true but you will realize that only those who have never had money make that statement. Money can help you buy a woman. Think about all the movie stars and all the celebrities with dollars. Have you noticed male celebrities with money like George Clooney are not single? You don't even have to be good looking to buy a woman. All you need is a good back account and the rest will be taken car of.