Thailand isn't exactly what westerners think of when it comes to Asian horror. It's all about Japan, Korea, and on occasion China and Taiwan. However, Thai's are very capable of creating an amazing experience in horror comparable and occasionally better than Japan and Korea. While there are hundreds of watchable horror movies from Thailand, let's go over the best top 6 Thai horror films.

shutter thailand


After a night of drinking, Tun and Jane hit a woman on the road and Tun persuades Jane to continue driving. Afterwards, white splotches in the shape of faces begin appearing on Tun's photographs. Jane thinks that they are being haunted by the ghost of the woman they hit on the road, but it turns out to be a ghost of a much different kind.

Westerners may remember this film from the 2008 English remake, which kept the plot mostly the same. Shutter is considered by many people the best and most well known Thai horror film. It uses the onryu, which is a long haired female ghost primarily found in Japanese and Korean horror, not many other Asian countries use that as often as those two. If you are a horror fan that likes twists in their movies, there are a few in Shutter that just absolutely blow the mind.

alone thailand


Alone follows the story of two conjoined twins Pim and Ploy. They get along well until one day they end up in the hospital and meet a boy named Wee. The two twins fall in love with him but he only returns the affections of Pim. Wee checks out of the hospital and calls out under Pim's window to see her one last time. Ploy, however, refuses to get up and she does not get to say goodbye. In a rage, Pim demands that they be separated, but Ploy does not survive the surgery. Years later, Pim is living in South Korea with Wee but her mother has a stroke and she must return home where she is haunted by the ghost of her twin.

Alone's Thai title is Fad, which literally translates into Twin. This movie is also made by the same directors who created Shutter. Like Shutter, there is also a utterly mind blowing twist within this movie that really makes me the directors created more movie. Again the onryu is present in this movie, but Alone is probably the most visceral and real movie I have seen to date.

Buppah Rahtree

Buppah Rahtree follows the story of the female loner Buppah and Ake, who has taken a wager to sleep with her. After awhile of coaxing, he completes the wager and cuts off contact from Buppah. Ake plans to go study in England, but Buppah is pregnant, Ake convinces her to abort it and leaves for England, but Buppah dies of complication. Then ensues a series of ghostly complications.

Buppah Rahtree is strange. If you watch the movie, you can clearly see that it parodies movies like The Exorcist and Audition. Some scenes are really rather humorous, but it is actually a really complex horror story with a lot of interesting twists. I also think they stole the plot of the love comedy movie She's All That too, which just caused me to burst out laughing when I realized it. I'm conflicted on whether it was actually trying to be a horror movie and just threw some "parody" as an excuse to use the horror elements or if it was a parody that ended up a really amazing movie.

the sisters thailand

The Sisters

After a performance in Bangkok, a group of musicians check into a hotel to stay the night. Little do they know that a prostitute was murdered in their room and said room as a deadly secret. Now they must solve this murder mystery to save their lives.

The story of the Sisters is very simple and it has very little atmosphere. However, what makes this a great movie is how masterfully it handles horror devices. It doesn't rely on terribly cheap scares often and employs an intelligent scares to really keep you engaged and shaking.

sick nurses thailand

Sick Nurses

At a small shabby hospital in Bangkok Dr. Tar and his seven nurses run a scheme in which they sell dead bodies on the black market. One of his nurses, Tahwaan is dating Dr. Tar but finds out that he is sleeping with her sister. Angry, she threatens to rat them out to the police. Dr. Tar and his nurses, strap her down, kill her, and sell her body. This leaves only her vengeful spirit that craves everyone's lives.

The plot of Sick Nurses is an extremely basic story of revenge with a weird (as in so weird it is funny) twist at the end. However, what makes this movie good is the characters. Essentially it is like the Saw series in which this ghost is going around killing the nurses in creative ways. Like Saw, these nurses all have some sort of obsession and the spirit kills them in a way that relates to that obsession. I'm usually not a fan of just pure gore, but the twist at the end, it just get me.

the house thailand

The House

The House is inspired by the story of three murders that happened in the same house at different times. Chalinee is a young reporter who is curious to find out the truth to what happened during these three different murders. So she starts searching for clues, in which she finds the house where the murders took place. The three women were murdered by their lovers. When she enters the house, Chanilee because haunted by something sinister.

The House is a pretty generic ghost story. However, the actually ghosts are far from generic.  You know how slenderman invades your dreams and terrifies your very soul? There is a ghost like that. The ending is foreshadowed all over the movie and it moves extremely fast. however at every turn The House throws a large variety horror elements at you very quickly. Sometimes a little too quickly, but using horror elements in near rapid succession is something I have never seen before.