Good Eye Health

Vitamins are very essential when it comes to your eyes health. Your eye’s health is to a large extent determined by availability of certain nutrients in the body. So important are vitamins to eye health that a deficiency can lead to poor vision. Most vitamins for eye health are readily available in organic foods and vitamins supplements as well.

Here is a brief analysis of the top six vitamins and herbs you may consider in your quest to enhance your vision.

1. Vitamin A . .. Vitamin A has been christened as the EYE vitamin due to its effectiveness in improving overall health. This vitamin is readily available in most citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Carrots are also rich in vitamin A. The eye’s retina require vitamin to maintain functionality at its optimum. Research has shown that besides improving the health of your eyes, this vitamin also reduce the chance of being diagnosed with poor vision. Other food rich in vitamin A include sweet potatoes, spinach and cantaloupes. This vitamin aids in:

· Enabling the eyes adapt easily to light alteration.

· Reducing macular deterioration thus preventing blindness.

· Inhibiting cataracts formation.

· Maintaining the eye’s moisture.

2. Bilberry… Bilberry is an herb that has been used since time immemorial to correct diminishing vision and is considered to be full of vitamins for eye health. Bilberry falls in the cranberry family and is rich in bioflavonoid as well. It improves vision by:

· Increasing blood flow in the eyes capillaries due to the presence an ingredient known as anthoycyanoside, a type of flavanoid.

· Helping to adjust to light alteration pretty fast.

· Enhancing sharpness of vision.

· Inhibiting advancement of cataracts when taken alongside vitamin E.

· Treating diabetic retinopathy which is known to cause blindness.

· Stopping deterioration of the macular.

3. Eyebright… Just like the name goes, this vitamin makes your eyesight brighter! It an eye remedy you can make at home as well. Start by dipping the herb in hot water and let it blend well with the water. Remove the herb and sieve the concoction. Preserve it to cool then proceed to wash your eyes with it while massaging them gently. Eyebright comes with the following benefits:

· Soothes the eyes and its anti-inflammatory properties makes it ideal for sore eyes.

· Makes the membranes around the eye area tight.

· Enhances circulation of blood in the eyes.

· Supplies the eyes with vitamins A and C due to the presence of tannis.

4. Lutein… Lutein falls under carotenoids which are plant nutrients. It’s one of the top vitamins for eye heath and will certainly make your eyesight better. As matter of fact, people with a lutein deficiency are prone to age related deterioration of the macular.

Beta-carotene and apha-carotene are the most popular forms of carotenes. Caretoinds give vegetables and fruits their distinct colors. It therefore goes without saying that fruits and vegetables with a rich color have a higher concentration of lutein. It works to improve the eyes health in the following ways

· It prevents in degeneration of the macular which is known to cause blindness.

· It lowers the risk of cataracts development.

· The antioxidant properties in lutein help in soothing the eyes.

5. Omega 3… Omega 3 is found in salmon and other cold water fish. It can also be found in cod liver fish oil which is sold in most pharmaceutical outlets. Research has shown that omega 3 does the following to not only improve eye heath but also make eyesight better:

· Helps the eyes remain moist.

· Reduces itching brought about by dryness.

· Tightens the membrane around the eyes.

6. Vitamin C… Vitamin C is very essential when it comes to maintaining good eyesight. It is readily available in oranges but it can also be found in leafy greens such as kales and collards. Vitamin C helps in:

· Reducing cataracts by about 70% according to research.

· Lowers the risk of macular deterioration.

· Reduces eyes strains for people suffering from glaucoma.

If you’re suffering from reduced visions which might lead to eventual total blindness, you may consider using these vitamins for eye health to correct the situation. If you don’t have access to the plants or animals that are rich in these nutrients, you can always get them in form of supplements from the nearest pharmaceutical outlet. Good eyesight is very essential in our everyday life; the need to protect it needs no emphasis.