We are all compelled to take the roller-coaster ride of global economical recession. Consequently, more and more people are taking interest in learning online moneymaking methods. People with practical exposure to economics, informational technology and business environment easily understand the subject of online moneymaking. Others get confused and baffled with the terminology like Search Engine Optimization, Niche Products, Keyword Search, Web Content etc. If you fall in the second category of enthusiasts, here are top six ways to making money online.

1. Writing Articles

Your easily available free ticket to online money making is writing articles. You do not have to be an expert prolific writer. All you need is a flair for writing, a burning passion to express your views and some exposure to one or two specific subjects. Still if you cannot decide about what to write, think about writing reviews on books, movies, music, sports or other mega events of your town.

There is a huge treasure of information freely available on Internet Article Directories for perusal and practice. Regularly studying articles on your favourite topics will ultimately prompt you to write articles. You can also create a blog to save your short articles for further improvement and submission to Article Directories. Consistent writing will enhance your worth in the internet market and could be a regular source of income.

2. Blogging

Originally, a Web Log, blogs are fast becoming an everyday activity for millions of people around the globe. Even kids are doing it well now.

Your second option for making money online is blogging. If you do not have an idea about what a blog is, please go to Article Directories, read a lot and learn blogging. The easiest way to create a blog, for a newbie, is to access http://www.blogger.com . Create a new gmail account and go to blogger's website. You can watch detailed video tutorial before proceeding.

Choose a topic of your interest and start blogging. Write short articles of 200 to 400 words and add some useful links for your visitors. Read everything about Google Adsense and send a request to open an account. Later you can create a website of your own.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Being a newbie, it could be a bit challenging for you to offer any product of your own to sell online. So, the third option for you is Affiliate Marketing which is selling products of others through your blog or website. You will have to do a lot of internet browsing to determine the authenticity of affiliate products as there is a lot of fraud prevailing on internet these days.

The basic thing in successful affiliate marketing is to attract more and more genuine visitors to your blog or website. You ought to provide valuable content for the visitors like informative articles, links and other free services with regular updates.

4. E-Books

Your family background, education, job and social activities provide some sort of learning about things and people. Writing articles, initially, could lead you to write your own e-books, which are also a lucrative and lasting source of online income.

You can begin with writing a how-to e-book on a particular skill that you possess and have hands-on experience in it. People like to read e-books that solve their problems or guide them to understand certain ambiguous matters in life. Check your intellectual attic to find something useful to share with people.

5. Niche Products

If you have some experience in selling certain products as a sales person or manufacturer, you can start selling them online as well provided there is a definite market for these products. Again, you must do internet browsing to discover what niche products are hotly in demand.

A lot many professionals are graciously imparting their knowledge and experience about niche products marketing on internet. Do some searching to download easily available free e-books covering your topic of interest.

You can also learn about niche products through keyword searching tools some of which are also available free or on payment.

6. Sell Photographs

Last but not the least in this list is selling photographs online. Everybody likes to own and keep a digital camera handy to shoot.

In case, that you are still in a quandary and unable to take a decision now as to where to start your online money making venture, you can take advantage of your digital camera. Here again you do not have to be an expert photographer with years of experience to shoot marketable photos.

You do not even have to join a photography school in the beginning. Just move around in your town and, in case of a frequent traveler, out of town and watch out for events, gatherings, interesting occurrences, bizarre people, strange looking objects, buildings, kids, animals, beautiful landscapes etc. Your every single shot may have a worth in terms of money.

Search the topic of selling photographs online and get yourself registered with a couple of photography platforms. You can also create a photography blog to upload your stocks. You had better offer some of your photos free to be used by your blog-visitors.

Writing brief notes would enhance the value of your photographs. Adding informative details in a small essay with a series of photos could covert you into a Photojournalist.

The above 6 ways to make money online are the most popular and practical methods of initiating your online money making career. Later, you can create innovative strategies, based on your personal experience and knowledge, to further enhance your stream of income.