So you are in need of some astronomy gift ideas.  The hobby of astronomy is one that is simple in practice, but that can keep a person occupied a lifetime.  You are looking at the night sky, and looking for a good view.  It is a simple hobby.  But, what do you get the astronomer in your life?  Unlike model railroading or video games, where you find lots of gadgets, astronomy is a hobby that does not have a lot of astronomy gadgets. It has telescopes and lenses, but off-hand, it is hard to think of anything else the amateur astronomer needs.

Unless you are deeply involved in his or her hobby, you probably do not know if they need a new telescope or a certain lens, or not.  If they do need or want a new telescope, they probably have some definite ideas about what kind they want to get, so for the most part, things like that are not on this list.  Below, there will be some more general astronomy gift ideas that any astronomy practitioner would love to get, and you can become the hero by buying such a cool gift.

You Are Here ShirtCredit: Amazon1 – Astronomy Shirt / Astronomy T-shirt

The easiest is first on the list.  Everybody can use as shirt.  I did a quick search on Amazon and found only two t-shirts using astronomy shirt, but found several more using space shirt.  Unfortunately, I did not find any collared shirts, so any gift like this will have to be a astronomy t-shirt, more of an casual gift.  Although, if you search further and find a collared astronomy shirt, that will only make the gift that much more special.

Kronsegler Zentaur Calendar Watch golden - nightblueCredit: Amazon2 – Astronomy Watch

An astronomy watch is probably just going to be a regular watch with some kind of astronomy faced theme to it.  There are some that will tell you about phases of the moon and such, but for the most part, there is not much that a watch can do with astronomy.  They have not designed watches yet that will tell you where Jupiter will be found in the sky.  A watch is still a cool idea, and you can find some with some cool facings.

Company Seven StarBound Astronomy Viewing Chair, Metal, BlackCredit: Amazon3 – Astronomy Chairs / Astronomy Observing Chairs

Okay, here is a practical cool astronomy gift.  An astronomy observing chair is used to sit in while looking through a telescope.  Being comfortable and steady while looking through the telescope is important to tease the best view out of a telescope, and to be sure that a person does not end up with a sore back and neck the next day.  There is one astronomy chair offered for sale at Amazon, and it adjustable, has a steel frame, and says it folds flat. 

Reviews of the chair state it is very comfortable.  One reviewer used this chair as a replacement for an older chair, and liked this one much better.  Another reviewer states that it is much better constructed than a person would think by the picture.  The chair is praised for being comfortable.  One negative aspect stated is that although the chair frame folds flat, like the description says, the seat does not.  Even the person who stated this still thought the positive aspects of the chair outweighed this negative point.

4 – Astronomy Digital Camera

Although an astronomy digital camera may rank up there as one of those gifts, like a telescope, that a person may want to buy themselves, you may want to consider buying a camera for those hobbyists that have not thought of getting into astrophotography yet.  Almost any good camera will do for a start, but you may want to look around and get a t-ring or another adapter to connect the camera to the telescope.  You could also get the camera as a gift, but just be prepared to explain that the adaptors will still be needed to get the best pictures.

20-80x70 Spotting Scope Zooms from 20X to 80X PowerCredit: Amazon5 – Spotting Scope - Astronomy

An astronomy spotting scope is something of a contradiction.  A spotting scope is used for getting a quick look at something.  A person cannot really use a spotting scope for serious astronomy observations, but it is something easy to keep handy to quickly pull out and look at a good view both on Earth and in the sky. 

Often the tripod that comes with an astronomy spotting scope does not have enough range to look everywhere in the sky, but the astronomer it is intended for may be able to fit it onto an existing tripod they may already have.

This may qualify as one of those astronomy gadgets that even a serious astronomer may not have, but would be a welcome addition to their hardware collection.

Orion 10x50 Binocular Stargazing KitCredit: Amazon6 – Astronomy Kits

If you search out Astronomy kits, on Amazon, most of what you find is aimed at children.  There were a couple of telescope eyepiece kits, and a binocular stargazing starter kit, which would be good for adults, but most were kid oriented.  If you are buying for children and looking to get them interested in the stars, even if just for a few days, or as an addition to a school lesson, some of these astronomy kits may be the way what you are looking for. 

For the adults, the eyepiece kit received some good reviews, and the binocular kit may be good for an adult who wants to get started, but has not bothered to buy themselves anything yet.

Star Explosion Glow In The DarkCredit: Amazon7 – Astronomy Toys

With astronomy toys, I think you are probably wanting to buy a child’s gift.  There are lots of items, from the kits mentioned above, to books, to star and planet clings for the room.  The quality of these toys seems to vary a lot.  There is one toy that is called Star Explosion Glow In The Dark that consists of stickers you can put up in the child’s room.  This toy had some very good reviews. 

If the child you are buying for is ten years old and up, you might consider just buying a cheaper telescope or a pair of binoculars and letting them start doing the real thing, to see if star-gazing is for them.

As I said, astronomy is a little short on astronomy gadgets, but a little searching for astronomy gifts on Amazon or another online shopping site should yield some cool gifts.  I hope this list has given you some good astronomy gift ideas for the astronomer, or budding astronomer, in your family.