Everyone has their own personal skill set, and everyone knows different things. However, there are a certain amount of basic skills which everyone should know, such as how to read and how to communicate properly. And then there are those skills that more people should have, yet a lot of people still lack. Among these skills are the 7 awesome skills everyone should learn:

Speed Reading

A skill often overlooked, speed reading requires a lot of consistent practice to excel at - but is also one of the most rewarding skills to possess in the modern world. Every day you read several pages of text, be it in your work or on the back of milk cartons or instruction manuals. And since we pretty much stop increasing our reading speed at the age of twelve, most people read at the same speed as a twelve-year-old.

This is something that could be easily fixed with just a little extra practice. Studies have shown that people who devote a little amount of extra time into improving their reading speed can easily become more than twice as fast at reading than the average person.

Just imagine the time that would save you every day!

Building a Fire

An essential skill everyone should learn is how to build a fire. You never know when it will come in handy. Either when camping or just to show off during an outdoor barbeque, being able to build and start your own fire is always useful. And it could just save your life one day!

Lock Picking

It seems that every person in every single movie knows how to pick a lock in just a few seconds - and that's because it's an awesome skill to possess. Nothing screams awesomeness more than being able to pass through any door without a key, regardless of how many safety locks are on it.

Locked yourself out of your house? Been kidnapped and locked in a dark room? Need to get past the lock to the cabin where your wife hid the cookies? No problem - just pick the lock! Being able to pick locks is a skill that opens countless of doors (literally) in your everyday life.

Driving a Car

This is a basic skill which everyone is pretty much expected to possess. Since cars are our main means of transportations, it's only natural that you should know how to drive one. Getting around in the world becomes so much easier in every way once you know how to handle a car.

And yet, despite this, so many people still can't drive. Especially in the big cities, people choose to never get a driver's license. Which is surprising, considering how much they would benefit from being able to drive.

Basic Cooking

This one pretty much speaks for itself - and yet there is a surprisingly large amount of people who have no clue on how to even work a stove. These people are doomed to survive on fast food and takeout, and will have to suffer the consequences of that lifestyle.

However, if you want to be able to live on your own, without being dependent on others to cook for you, you simply must learn basic cooking. It's just a basic survival trait, which has always been necessary through our entire history, and no less so today.

Public Speaking

Most people are terrified of speaking in public, despite public speaking being one of the most awesome skills you should have. Public speaking is the ability to effectively convey your points of view, opinions and messages to other people.

It is the experts on public speaking who easily acquire success in life, as they are able to convey their personality, conviction and beliefs to others through the art of public speaking. Therefore, it is definitely a skill which everyone should learn in their lives.

Basic First Aid

Everyone wants to survive, and help others survive. And yet, a surprisingly large amount of people don't even know basic first aid, which is essential for saving lives in emergency situations. Be it yourself or others who are injured, a basic knowledge of first aid will remove the risk of permanent injuries, and will greatly increase the victim's chances of survival.


These are the 7 most awesome skills which everyone should know, and with good reason. With these skills, anyone could easily become a more awesome person, who is more effective in almost every area of life.

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