What do you get the person who already has everything? You know the type - all the clothes they can wear, already owns the latest Apple or Microsoft gadgets, has a fully-stocked kitchen. While your friend or family member probably won't mind if you just present them with a gift card to Amazon or even skip getting them anything altogether, you would love to see their face light up as they unwrap that special something that they didn't even realize they needed!

It is such a good feeling to give someone a truly special gift that they will treasure for years. Here are a few ideas to help you get unblocked when doing your last-minute Christmas shopping this holiday season.

1. Fondue Set for the Foodie

This is a great gift for someone who loves to have friends over for long dinner parties. Sharing bubbling cheese, savory meat, fresh veggies and fruit, and silky chocolate together is a fun and social way to spend an evening. Look for an attractive fondue set constructed from durable stoneware with a lock-in fuel burner that will keep foods at their optimal temperature while you chat over the feast. A rotating turntable is convenient and simple. The best fondue forks are stainless steel with colored handles that stay cool to the touch. As an additional treat, throw in a fondue recipe book so your friend can get started right away.

2. LEGO Sets for the Little Ones

Remember how much you loved to play with building sets when you were little? Kids can be notoriously hard to buy Christmas gifts for, but LEGOs are always a winning gift for children of any age. LEGOs have been around for years, but they are still one of the most popular holiday gifts every year. The nice thing about a gift of LEGOs is that there are so many fun and diverse LEGO sets that you can get something new for your favorite nephew or goddaughter, without worrying about duplication. After all, the more LEGOs you have the more awesome stuff you can build. For kids under three, make sure you get the big, child0safe LEGOs. Older kids up to 12 (or older if they are true fans!) will love the classic LEGOs. Get a set that expresses their interests, whether that be fantasy, space travel, adventure, pirates, or the middle ages.

3. Bonsai Tree for the Homeowner

A bonsai tree gives any home a feeling of sophistication and elegance. Look for a healthy tree with good trunk movement. You will want to make sure you include an attractive and sturdy ceramic container for the bonsai tree, extra bonsai soil, some decorative moss and pebbles. You can find bonsai starter kits that include all these elements, as well as an instruction booklet for the proper care of bonsai trees.

4. Grilling Tools for the Dad Who Has Everything

For the grilling enthusiast on your Christmas list, why not add to their collection of barbecue tools? Even if it seems like they have everything, there are always great grilling tools that will make any barbecue lover's job that much easier. Here are a few ideas: Barbecue Mitt, Barbecue Tool Set, Flexible Grilling Skewer, Grill and Barbecue Recipe Book, Grilling Basket...what else can you think of?

5. Poker Night Paraphernalia for the College Buddy

Do you know someone who loves to host poker nights? You may think there are not that many items a poker enthusiast really needs, but in fact, there are plenty of holiday gifts that will bring a smile to your friend's poker face! Even the most passionate poker player may not have a really good complete poker set in a nice carrying case, which makes a truly handsome Christmas gift. Or choose an automatic card shuffler, a fancy new set of playing cards, a home tournament manager timer, a poker chip set, a padded table top with cup holders, poker chip trays, or a great book on poker strategy. There are so many thoughtful gifts for poker players; it just takes five minutes of research on the internet to find the perfect one for your friend or loved one.

6. Beauty Products for the Sister

Beauty products can be tricky to pick for someone you don't know intimately, but they make great gifts for girls simply because no beauty product lasts forever. Your sister, girlfriend, mom or close female friend will appreciate a carefully chosen beauty product that shows you care about her. Here are a few ideas that won't go wrong, even for the girl who has everything: a professional make-up brush set, luxurious bubble bath, organic make-up remover or mineral foundation (just check the color against her existing product), exfoliating scrubs, travel make-up case, or fragrant oils for massaging and moisturizing her skin. Pamper her with a thoughtful beauty product gift and she will be full of smiles.

7. Socks for the Best Friend

Okay, so it sounds a bit boring, but socks actually make a fantastic gift! First of all, no socks last forever, so eventually your friend will need new socks and your gift will come in really handy. Secondly, you do not have to settle for the boring white or colored socks your grandma always got you. You can choose socks for your friend that truly express their personality. From brightly striped fuzzy socks to lacy anklets, cute footie socks, funky knee high socks, cosy leg warmers or sexy thigh-highs, a gift of socks offers something for everyone. Let your imagination flow freely and see what you can unroll.

Hopefully this list of seven things to get that "difficult" person this holiday season has sparked some ideas. Happy shopping and a safe new year!