These are in no particular order, just put down as they occurred to me, but that too may be the vodka talking....

a. Rum and Diet soda - these will also lower your caloric intake from alcohol, rum is one of the lowest in calories along with diet soda being a big fat goose egg in the calorie department. I found these back when I was doing weight watchers.

b. Bloody Mary - these are usually made with vodka, remember always make the bartender reach, meaning go for the top shelf. My preference is a decent vodka and V8(spicy, with Calcium, and with Antioxidants) I then add Worcestershire sauce and pepper sauce, BAM!

c. Screwdriver - Again with the nutrient rich orange juice, this will assist you when it comes time for the sun to rise.

d. Vodka and Propel/Gatorade - Think of this one as the preventative hangover medicine of the gods, that is of course since your going to be drinking anyway, right? This is a suprisingly good combination drink, you would think it would be odd, but tasty.

e. Wine - I know you always hear people complain about a wine hangover. I am talking white wine, usually Pinot Grigio, at least in my experience. I think it has to due with the lack of tanin and congenors. Again, if drank at the rate of propriety, as advertised on television, this will not be a bad choice.

f. Beer - I know I know, your thinking this guy was doing OK but now he goes to wine and beer and says we wont get a hangover. Hear me out here. Beer, and wine for that matter will not give you a hangover, if you drink them responsibly, you know like all those advertisements on the T.V. Now don't get me wrong here, I stand upon no soapbox nor high horse. I will put down my fair share of the golden bubbly belly grower myself.

g. Rum and Coffee - Now this may or may not actually stop hangovers. It will allow you to keep going a bit longer during the evening or holidays.

Tell you what, you follow these types of drinks, or similar varieties like them and you will be good. Drink how you like and what you like of course. If you find yourself moving slowly with a pounding jackhammer operator working on your temples most mornings after imbibing, then maybe some of these will sooth that malady. Think of it as good <a href ="">hangover medicine</a>.