Want to experience a distinct mix of Spain and America? Visit Argentina! Music, architecture, dance and America are just some of the things you should look forward to when you're in Argentina. But hey, don't get too excited just yet. Take a quick tour of Argentina through the top places you should visit in the country:

1. Buenos Aires

Of course, who would miss a country's capital? Buenos Aires is the largest city in eastern Argentina. Much of Argentina's Spanish-influenced architecture can be found in this city. Exotic gastronomic delights can also be experienced in Buenos Aires. People who love to dance the night away should also take advantage of Buenos Aires' booming night scenes.

2. Patagonia

The Alto Valle Rio Pinturas, one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, is located in the mountains of Patagonia. Ancient river valley paintings can also be seen in Patagonia. Aside from these, Patagonia is also popular to many camping and nature lovers. The mountains of Patagonia are popular spots for people who love to go on trekking and mountain climbing.

3. Tierra del Fuego

Fun water activities are the attractions in Tierra del Fuego. Ironically named "Land of Fire", the place is a famous spot for kayaking and fishing. A diverse flora and fauna can also be found in Tierra del Fuego.

4. Talampaya

A spot for geologist and archaeologists, the Talampaya is believed to have been the home of dinosaurs. People who love pre-civilization tales and histories would love to have a taste of Talamapaya. As of today, Talampaya houses several paleontological excavations.

5. Cordoba

True to its Spanish influence, Cordoba houses different types of colonial architecture-a feast for the history lover in you. The intricate patterns of Cordoba's architecture will make you feel Spain in a unique and American sort of way.

6. Iguazu National Park

Love nature? Why not go on a trek in the Iguazu National Park. You could also behold the beauty of the famous Iguazu Waterfalls. You could also take advantage of the many subtropical flora and fauna that can be found in the Iguazu National Park.

7. Puerto Madryn

In Argentina, you'll never be far from an ocean. The Puerto Madryn will really give you a redefinition of beach paradise. Located in North Trelew, Puerto Madryn offers different water activities such as diving, windsurfing, yachting and sport fishing. Accommodations won't be a problem since the Puerto Madryn has a wide array of hotels.

Take dining to the next level by trying the different cuisines in the area.