Work Hard & Play Hard

Hard work is something that these athletes know about. Every good athlete knows how physically and mentally draining a sport can be. You should not only focus during the performance but also use your mind to conquer your body when it seems to be failing you. No one can say that is easy, and only a few can get rich from playing a sport.

Though there's nothing better than watching a professional athlete performing their very best before our eyes. The top 3 richest athletes will be listed below. These athletes do more than just play their favourite sport, like Micheal Jordan who played in one of my favourite movies: Space Jam. Anyone who grew up as a kid in the 90's would have heard of Space Jam.

We all want to know one thing about these athletes, who is the richest and how much are they worth? 


Arnold Palmer

Who is Arnold Palmer? He loves golf and he is worth more than any golf player that ever existed! Palmer's net worth is $675 million and he's been playing as a professional since 1954. He has been victorious in the PGA Tour 62 times and The Champions Tour 10 times.

Do you think he should be in the World Golf Of Fame? Well he is and he was inducted into the fame in 1974. His yearly endorsement reached nearly 10 million in the late 90's.

He is currently worth more than $675 million! That's something nice to retire with.


Michael Jordan

If Michael Jordan was worth $25 million more he would be tied with Arnold Palmer. Jordan,  a retired professional basketball player, is currently worth $650 million. He is one of the most famous athletes of the world. 

Between 1996 and 1998 as a Chicago Bull's player he was earning $30 million yearly! Nike shoes came out with "Air Jordan" which were named after Jordan and its' revenue climbed up to 100 million.

His wife of 13 years divorced him and it was the most expensive divorce ever, it costed him 168$ million. Take note of the next jet you see because you may spot his $50 million aircraft in the skies one day! 


Roger Staubach

Next up is a athlete who loved football more than anything else. The hard-hitting, testosterone boosting, and most aggressive sport with the 2nd most injuries involved(after basketball).

Roger Staubach was a quarter back and is worth over $600 million and he is known to be one of the best balanced athletes. I'm not talking about how his balancing skills but his leadership, his athleticism and an excellent passer.

One of the things that helped him strive in his sport was his passion to play the game with a well-balanced attitude towards his teammates. He is not only a MVP in his own real estate company but he was also titled MVP in the Super Bowl VI.

It would be absolutely amazing to be living the dream of not only doing what you love but being able to get paid for it. Any 9-5 employee would be sit at their desk for at least one moment thinking where they would love to be right there and then. Ladies and gentlemen, this is called daydreaming. Maybe your indoor job is fine and the hours are great but some people wish more than anything that they could get paid for something they love doing. Some are successful or some will be successful, no one can ever be the judge of your self but you. Work hard and do your well beyond your best. These athletes always give great tips as well!

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